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  1. They actually have 5, I said 6 which will include next seasons super bowl win
  2. 4th of july?

    Where on cape cod? That's where I live 😎
  3. Buy the Adams Americana wax instead of the Buttery. The butter is good but Americana lasts longer. Super easy on and off. Costs a little more but worth it.
  4. I've become addicted to Adams polishes products. http://adamspolishes.com/ They also have a great forum and lots of videos for help.
  5. I have the Husky xact contours now but first had the GM liners. I thought the GM'S looked better but the missing section under the gas peddle allows water and dirt etc. to get underneath and my carpet was soaked. I sold them to a guy at work who has vinyl floors and bought the Husky. I still have GM in back row, no issues there, they connect in the middle and stay together well.
  6. What is chromecast audio?
  7. I have New England Patriots Super Bowl plates on my truck, unfortunately it only represents 3...not sure if Ma has a current version or if they are waiting for after next season so they can have all 6, 3 on the left and 3 of the right to balance it.
  8. So they are easy to take on and off, I would only want them installed during crappy weather. Are there any other brands that are easy to install and remove, either Husky or even the oem GM version.
  9. I'm not a big fan of mud flaps on trucks but even less of a fan of having slushy/salty crap all over the side of my truck in the winter. Weather Tech claims no drill mounting, looks like they attach with a clip that you turn. Are these something that can be installed during lousy weather and taken off after the roads dry out or are they not designed that way?
  10. 2016 Xpensive Chevy Silverado Crew Cab Build

    How difficult was the Katzkins install? Also, where did you purchase them?
  11. I had the GM version and loved them until after the first snow storm, the lack of protection under gas pedal and the clips have holes resulted in the carpet getting soaked. I didn't notice this until a few days later when I pulled them to wash the salt off. I sold the fronts to a guy at work who has vinyl floors and bought the Husky xact contours. It's to bad because I liked the GM better but a wet carpet is not good.
  12. I use mine to store a couple pens, to small and useless for anything else I've found, and you can only put 2 or 3 because they fall out when you open it if there's to many.
  13. Detailing

    Adams for me also, little bit pricey but quality products and great customer service. The forums and videos are awesome.
  14. Drawing time for some really cool stuff

    Count me in please
  15. Every Sunday my son plays in an indoor lacrosse league, it is a 39 mile one way trip with approx. 35 being highway. Last Sunday I was early so I set the cruise control to the posted speed limit of 55 and 60 mph and maxed out at 24.1 mpg for the trip. This week I drove it like normal, still using cruise control but set at 70-75 mph and maxed out at 19.1 mpg.

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