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  1. Hi, Thanks for explaining the process. That seems logical enough. I really hadn't searched for remote starter kits. I stumbled onto an ad for this one and it had a reasonable price. I have done a lot of my own repairs for years. But, "there is no substitute for experience", technology is taking over. The plastic panels are nice, but you have to be careful not to force them. I usually don't have dealers perform my repairs. They are too expensive; but I must admit they do get it right.
  2. Hi, I'm new to this forum and have a 2016 GMC CANYON pickup. I recently purchased a remote starter kit which I assumed would be really easy to install. My problem is I have to remove the lower steering column cover to get to the ignition switch. My directions show that the cover is attached by three screws, one on the bottom (no problem) and one on each side that appear to be accessible by pulling the piece downward. If I am not wrong, it appears that these screws are only accessible by first removing the steering wheel. Can anybody give me advise on this topic? Youtube videos just show parts that snap into place, and GM parts diagrams do not show close up details of this part (GM 84383342). I am stumped, and still a little reluctant to visit my GM dealer)
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