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  1. I sent the one on my '05 Silverado here: http://www.dallasclusterrepair.com/ $125 to replace ALL motors, lights and the main power supply.
  2. Wisconsin is not a CARB compliant state. And if I can save upwards of $400+ dollars by getting a non-CARB compliant Cat I would absolutely love to.
  3. Hello, I have a 2005 Silverado LS Crew Cab 4wd 5.3L V8 and need to replace the Cat. The truck was originally a California truck (I live in Wisconsin). My question is if I buy to whole cat system I can get a non-CARB compliant system for like $250. Will this fit/fix my vehicle? I am not sure if, because it was a California truck, the emission system is coded differently? Thanks, Jim
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