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  2. The GM part number that fits that cutout perfectly is 23404450. The plug & play wiring harness is sold by Curt Trailer Hitch people. I just completed this project on my 2020 2500HD.
  3. Yes. That is a different issue all together. They are chrome covered plastic and they are down where the stones do chip the chrome covering loose. GM did replace those for me. Service manager said they would only do it one time. When I have to replace them myself I will hunt for metal ones.
  4. My rear bumper has pin holes in the chrome which allow bubbles of rust to come through. Pour metal preparation before plating. The idiot service manager told me it was caused by stones and will not warranty it.
  5. Just purchased one to install in my Duramax at next oil change. Been using this type of device on my aircraft for 20 plus years with no problem. Great for taking oil samples and drain pan right into bottles. If you really want to watch for metal should be doing oil samples and cutting open the old filters.
  6. I have the six inch wide GM parts on my 2016 2500 cause I am so short. They seem to help road crap somewhat. However they are made of chrome plated plastic, cost around $700.00 and the plating was peeling off after one year and 9K miles. Dealer service manager was it is normal wear and tear and not covered. I ordered this truck to my specs. and they were part of the original equipment build. Beware! By the way the 2011 2500 I traded had the same style on it for 5 years and were chrome plated metal without ever showing this problem.
  7. I will get a couple tomorrow when it gets daylight.
  8. I purchased from Fia # OE38-30 and installed in my 2016 2500HD with 40/20/40 seat. Their web site list the same part number for the 2017. The part numbers for the rear seat are also the same. Only thing is there more money than you a talking about. Hope this helps.
  9. Why would this device fry the HMI port? I have seen another thread on this subject where someone said their dealer made this substitution.
  10. I get the same thing pulling a fifth wheel trailer and camper with my 2016 Duramax. Did not experience this with the 2011 Duramax I had before.
  11. Both Left (20843116) and right (20809948) mirrors removed from vehicle by dealer the day I purchased the truck. They installed larger towing mirrors for me. Would like to get $130.00 for both and actual shipping costs. I see the replacement glass alone are worth more than this at GM Direct.
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