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  1. 16 Silverado 5.3, metal shavings on dipstick for a year now, many pictures taken. Same as pictures on this thread. Brought to two different Chevy dealers over the last 10k miles, both did oil changes and cut filters and showed me, no shavings. I saved the oil and filter first time. 35k on it now. Runs fine. I bought new with 3 miles on it. I recently discovered that I pull the dipstick, wipe off shavings and just put in 1/4 of the way or partially where it wouldn’t touch oil, pull it and there they are metal shavings. Appears small shavings are in the dipstick tube. Note I only have shavings sometimes, not every time I pull. Do I risk the dealer messing with and replacing the dipstick tube? If a small shaving or two did happen fall off dipstick magnetic end or fall in from tube it would be prefilter, it appears.
  2. Accepted the noise as normal. Some 5.3's louder than others. Felt the clunk in drivetrain in a 2015 Silverado, so guess that's normal too. Time will tell.
  3. I have a 2016 1500 Silverado 5.3. Since its been colder out (maybe 32 or colder), on cold start up there is a rhythmic loud tick/knocking sound until warm. It is a loud noise you can hear it 10 ft from the truck. It starts about 5/10 seconds after cold start up and once engine is warm goes away. This happens every time i start the truck if its cooled down since its been cold out. Have about 7400 miles on the truck. Brought to the dealer and they thought PIP5395A would take care of it, it didn't (they didn't bother letting the truck cool for hours and start to see if it fixed the problem either, winter here now). I'll bring it back in but wanted to post this to see if anyone has had the similar sound/issue and if so was it diagnosed and addressed? Not sure if its related with something in the trans but when I coast down to 20 from about 30 mph then press the gas to go the truck clunks and slams into 2nd? gear from 3rd? kind of worrisome. Not sure if I made the right decision to buy this truck... Video link: Thanks, Brian
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