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  1. Good points on here. I have a 16’ GMC denali ultimate with the 5.3. I bought my truck new with 2,000 miles on it. It had a weird idle within a week so I figured it was something I was doing wrong. Nope. Fast forward to 2021 and I have put pirelli all seasons tires on, RXP catch can with a clean side separator, factory cat back Borla exhaust. The 2 biggest gains in throttle response were the 1. Borla and immediate. 2. Catch can- no more rough idle but a lot of gunk to be cleaned out periodically. Intake stays clean for the most part. I did buy a ARaid air Filter and elbow and took it off and to
  2. I use 0w-20 Mobil 1 in my 16’ Denali. I change it at 75% because I tow trailers. I furthermore use fully synthetic. No oil burning and for the cost of doing the more frequent changes let me fill you in on someone with their Ford Explorer with the 2.3l turbo - and at 5,500 miles the 5w-30 was water and before the change heard ticking. Please do oil 3,000-4.000 miles unless you don’t plan on hanging onto it.
  3. I added the Borla cat back exhaust from GM and I noticed an immediate Increase off the line throttle response. I personally wouldn’t venture too far from borla.
  4. Once again I’m seeing comments from the pre direct injection era owners. I currently own a 2016 is one that has been affected by more than usually condensation and oil being dumped back into a dry intake, unlike the previous motors being port injected. My input is if it’s running roughy change them. Buy an RXP CATCH CAN WITH A CLEAN SIDE SEPERATOR and clean the intake. I went for the injector bulliten but in 2016 I added my catch can because the rough idle fell on deaf ears.
  5. How about a 16’ Denali with 30,000 miles, just out factory warranty and even have extended. When in with ongoing transmission shifting issues and recall on injectors (idle goes from 500-800 sporadically) and they muster up this estimate. I can’t wait to unload this turd. GM is complete garbage. Never again.
  6. I had the same exact issue. I also have the factory cat back Borla exhaust for my Denali 5.3 and the exhaust alone gave me such an increase of toque of the line. I then added the air raid air filter and elbow along with a rxp catch can. My truck fell on its face. Sounded like crap. So I kept the air raid filter and put the stock air silencer back on and it sounded and ran great. The idle is perfect now. I'm pulling about 10 oz of gunk out of the separator every 1200 miles. You will need a probrammer for the air raid. I'm not ready to go down that road.
  7. I bought the "factory " performance Borla cat back exhaust from GM. It is louder than I thought it would be. Low end torque shot up. Definite improvement for a grand but make sure you want the noise.
  8. I idle a lot and make excellent time to my appointments- I'm 10.8 lol!
  9. This is a good topic. I own a 2016 gmc Denali 1500 with the 5.3 and use 87 octane. 93 makes no difference at all. I tow a camper during summer season and go to 89. The weird thing about the 2017 6.2 is it allows 87. 2016 didn't. There's only a .5 difference in compression with both motors. On a different note I own a Infiniti QX80 with the 5.6 which premium fuel is recommended but go to Nissan 5.6 with 10 less hp and runs on 87. Go figure. I have not tried 87 in my Infiniti. I'm in the peddle too much. The 5.3 is gutless compared to my Infiniti.
  10. I'm new to this site today. Anybody on this forum have any experience with the slp level 2 kit? It contains a sealed cold air intake ,slp cat back exhaust- rigid no mesh which I don't like - and a slp tuner for the cold air intake and exhaust maximum utilization. I currently own a 2016 GMC 1500 Denali p/u with the 5.3 8 speed auto. This a spare vehicle we got at an amazing deal with 2k on it. I'm looking to maximize the potential of the 5.3 without sacrificing efficiency. I was told by a slp rep the "tuner" that comes with the kit is dyno with 87 octane. I like my truck but it can run a lot
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