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  1. I'm installing a dashcam, and the ICEM seems to offer the best way to get the power I need. The add-a-fuse things that came with the dashcam just don't work in the fuse panel, which is annoying. It is this thing: https://www.gmupfitter.com/files/media/photo/520/UI Bulletin_115.pdf I found it, I have my spade connectors and my heat shrink. But I can't get my hands in to undo the latch on the left hand side. There must be some trick to getting it open since I have seen people here talk about using the points inside it. No one else complained about opening it up, so I feel a little dumb but I can't get it open and I don't want to break the cover trying to force it with just the right hand side latches open. Any one care to share tips, please?
  2. I haven't seen an XTR yet, what struck you as being that much better about them?
  3. With any of the caps, does having the back glass open offer any appreciable rain protection if you are sitting on the tailgate?
  4. I looked at a 2017 SLT with HIDs and bought an AT with LEDs. Before I bought my Wrangler I didn't realize headlights were a thing I had to worry about, but I learned my lesson. The dealership lot is up a bit higher than the road and the trucks are parked perpendicular to it, overlooking the road. When I turned the HIDs on, it felt like they lit up the whole world. The SLT was a 5.3 and I preferred the look of the AT (the dealer didn't have any 6.2 ATs on the lot), but I honestly almost bought the SLT on the spot anyway because of how much better the lights were than my Jeep. I already knew the only reasonably close AT the way I wanted one had LEDs and all the trucks on the lot were HIDs at the time. The HIDs were good enough that I almost switched trucks over the headlights since I hadn't seen the LEDs and I didn't want to get screwed again. That sounds silly, but crappy headlights are something that are truly miserable and I'm not so handy that I'd want to tackle aftermarket headlight replacement. I think the LEDs are a little better, but not by leaps and bounds. I might be biased because they are what the truck I bought has. They are a whiter light and I didn't get to look at them side by side, so memory and color temperature differences may be throwing off the comparison for me too. But I can't imagine having any trouble seeing with either one. I would have happily bought a truck with the HIDs too. It is so nice being able to see at night! Honestly probably my favorite part of the truck, and I like a LOT of things about the truck. I didn't realize how much it bothered me before. Not sure where you are, but the dealer here is open until 8. Here in the pacific northwest, it is still pretty dark by 8, even after the time change. If you're concerned, just do what I did and go to the dealership after dark to check 'em out for yourself. The sales guy said I wasn't the only one to want to see the headlights, so it apparently isn't THAT unusual of a request.
  5. I've driven mirrors only in my Jeep and car before, but not while I was still getting used to them. If I go topper, I was going to put it on pretty much as soon as I can buy it, and I'm definitely not totally comfortable with the truck yet. Maybe the right answer is to wait until I am. I only have about 300 miles on it, and I still am underestimating the size and how much further I have to pull ahead to make it through a tight part of the parking garage at work. Right now, more visibility is better, and not yet 100% on where exactly the blind spots are. Driver side is good because of the inset mirror, but I'm spending so much time in the right lane trying to break it in nicely that I haven't had a chance to watch a car go all the way past in the passenger mirror yet. It is too bad they won't just drop one on the back and let you see what it is like! Thanks for the feedback on the A.R.E. topper! There is a Tacoma around here running one of those and it looks good. I'm curious, you never find yourself looking out the topper windows, it is all back seat windows and mirrors you use? I'm definitely looking out the back and over the sides of the bed in one of the tight parking garage turns and when I'm backing into one of the spaces that has a pillar on the side. Haven't quite got the hang of navigating by camera yet, just mirrors and head checks. I had a few questions about the A.R.E, if you don't mind. Are you happy with it and would you do it again, or would you shop around for something else? With the inward slope, can you sit on the tailgate in the rain and still stay pretty dry with the glass up, or are you out of luck because of the angle? Did you opt for the power lock that works with the truck's fob? If so, how does it work and how does it integrate with the power tailgate lock? If you get snow, is the weight of the topper enough extra over the back wheels to deal with the snow or do you still toss some sand bags in the back? I noticed the back was a little loose in the snow, even keeping my foot as far out of the 6.2 as I could, so I want to get more weight back there, just not sure how much I need. And lastly, is it like buying a car where you have to argue haggle endlessly negotiate over the price? I noticed their web site wants me to talk to a dealer to get a price, which is not promising. Thanks again!
  6. I recently traded my Wrangler on a new '17 Sierra short box Crew Cab because I wanted a bigger vehicle (and it definitely is!) that could tow a little bit. Since I live in the pacific northwest and it rains basically continually most months of the year, that makes the uncovered bed useless for anything but debris and trash most of the time. And even then, wet debris is less fun to deal with than dry. I've got MDF and some drywall that is coming out soon, and unloading after a 30 minute drive in the rain to the dump would probably not be fun. I'm going to go with either the Fold-a-Cover with the built in storage box or a topper. I think I'm leaning towards a topper. But, one of the things I really love about the truck is how you can see everything around you and I'm not sure what putting a topper on the back will do to that. Can anyone with a topper please comment on what topper you have and how much difference in visibility you noticed when you added it? I am going to use the truck for camping a few times a year, Home Depot and dump runs (my house is older and there are some relics I am going to tear out), and helping the occasional friend move. It is going to be getting use as a truck for sure, but I don't think I'll often be hauling stuff tall enough where the tonneau cover, much less a topper, would be a limitation. I know that realistically I'm not going to be able to pull a topper off by myself, though the Fold-A-Cover is manageable if I need the whole bed or have something tall. The only thing that MIGHT be a pain with the topper is my bike, but I still have my hitch mount bike rack from the Jeep if it didn't fit with the topper or was more painful to load than putting the rack on. When I have the truck paid off in a couple of years, I'm also going to look into picking up a small teardrop to pull with it, so the impact of the topper on towing visibility is also interesting. I have an All Terrain, so no Max Tow mirrors for me. But in the meantime, the option to occasionally be lazy and toss my sleeping bag in the bed with a topper would be nice. Not to mention being a potentially good place to run a tarp off the side for easy camp kitchen setup. My biggest concern is visibility though, and if a topper creates new blind spots or makes it tougher to shoulder check for cars, I think that probably kills it for me. Opinions on the best way to go? Have I missed an option? Thanks!
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