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  1. Went to a different dealer after the first one screwed me around. The new dealer replaced 4 injectors on the side the code is for and I haven’t had a problem since. It’s been about 20,000 miles since and it never has run better even gets better fuel mileage. That code is for injectors imbalance which means that the o2 sensor is picking up one or more injectors not spraying enough fuel so the air fuel ratio is swinging back and forth too much. Good luck they tried a lot of stuff at the first dealer but it did nothing. The only fix is to find the bad injector they just did them all to make it easy and it worked.
  2. My 2014 had a p219a code for a long time. then it started to get worse and got the po50d too. Turns out they had to replace the drivers side injectors. Haven't had a problem
  3. It is p219a . technically it's air fuel imbalance bank 1. The kn is oiled have one in the wife's Acadia and all of my other cars and never had a problem before. The code actually started at about 40000 miles always come on when not warmed up all the way and I accelerate like getting on the freeway. When the joke dealer did the injectors it took them three weeks. Then they said it was good. I picked it up and merged onto the freeway about a mile away and the light came on unbelievable!! I'm thinking of trying the crc top end cleaner to see if it helps. I've heard some bad stories about it causing a lot of problems. What do you guys think ?
  4. Nope it's 100% stock other than a kn replacement filter. The dealer put new injectors in on that side (took them 3 weeks) didn't fix anything of course. Wouldn't a vacuum leak cause the map sensor to read higher ? How would the pcm know it's a left bank problem only?
  5. Funny you say that! I've brought get this up to my dealer several times and they say that's not it. I'm considering just putting one in myself to see if that's it. Can get one for around $50
  6. Hi guys new here found this forum while searching for help with my truck. I have a 2014 gmc all terrain crew cab it's at about 53000 miles and keeps getting a p219 left bank lean code. Fortunately I have the gm extended warranty til 100,000 miles. The pathetic dealer has been diagnosing it since before thanksgiving. Goes like this, light comes on call them drop it off. They keep it for anywhere from 1 day to 3 weeks. They call say it's good take it home next day light comes back on. The best part is if the light goes off before I get there then they say they can't work on it because there is no light on. I filed a claim with gm but they keep telling me to take it in for diagnosis. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm about to drive this thing off a cliff !
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