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  1. looking to buy a black center console for a 15-19 silverado/sierra. i recently sold my old 14 with a console i installed and long story short iam back into a 18 3500 and would like to add one to this. let me know what you have . feel free to pm me
  2. Yes it's made for gas will not work with diesel engines
  3. diablo sport 8245 intune 3 tuner. i bought from a friend who trade his sierra in for a diesel but decided not to mess with it and order some sled parts instead haha. $275 shipped . located in plattsburgh ny has 3 preset tunes, and will accept a custom tune, afm on/off has a bunch of different features.
  4. Hey guys, ive read up on the hid install . Either Iam missing somethig or... I've got a 14 sierra 1500 I bought a xentec kit for my headlights. I've installed them in my rangers and had no issues . Once I installed I turned headlights on and they come on. Notice I have a little flicker to them. When truck is started, they won't come on at all. My kit came with a ballast and a hid and was pretty straight forward any suggestions?
  5. Hey Phil IAM interested in a pnp harness. I sent you an email it's on a 14 Sierra , not sure you you got it or not. I noticed it was like I emailed my self..not sure if it's easier to pm you on here or stick with email either way let me know.thanks!
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