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  1. GM varimax Pump, intercooler pump harness and evap extension/trigger harness has arrived from west michigan automotive. They do something different no other companies have done and their kit came with all the wiring you need for the intercooler pump, the correct plug for the new varimax pump and a special plug on the evap extension harness that triggers the pump on. All I had to do is connect the ground and power wires and connect the hoses and its ready to go.
  2. There is a for sale thread. I believe you have to have a 50 posts before you can sell. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/forum/14-for-salewanted/
  3. freaking awesome! I bet the AWD launch feels like a rocket ship leaving the starting line. I can't wait to be boosted.
  4. sorry for the lack of updates been a busy time for me with other things goins on. Update on the truck. I had to buy all new lt4 injectors because the ones I originally purchased were having issues due to having two different part numbers and not being able to tune the truck. Got that issue fixed and now I am waiting on my shipment which has the GM varimax IC pump and harnesses for it. There's two pump you can run for the lt4 supercharger. Bosch and Varimax are the two brands that are mostly used. The varimax pump flows more than then Bosch pump so I went with that one. You will need a custom wiring harness for the ic pump because it only needs to run with the engine on. Several companies make the harness for it. Once those come in ill snap some pictures.
  5. Anything after 4 inch drop requires shock extenders I read. Also going from 4 to5 inch drop may require axle flip. It did on my 18 elevation.
  6. Nice!! How does the truck run? Get on it yet?
  7. I am selling a set of 8 LT4 nominal flow injectors. They were used in my l83 GMC truck for about 500 miles. The injectors have two different part numbers. I have six injectors that are 12681512. The other two injectors are 12701125. I had difficulty tuning with them because I believe running two different part number injectors was causing my issue. Im not sure what exactly is different about the two part numbers. I took them out and replaced them with a different set. I am willing to sell the set of 6 Injectors or the set of 2 injectors apart from each other. All injectors will come with brand new seals,boots and clips. The seals need to be replaced since you need to replace them whenever you pull them out of the engine. I bought these injectors new from ADM Performance about a month ago. They worked perfectly fine just couldn't dial in the fueling in the tune. I'm asking 100$ for the set of 2 injectors and 300$ for the set of 6 injectors. Prices are shipped and negotiable. Thanks for looking. Please pm with any questions.
  8. Fuel pump and coolant sensor relocation have been installed. I also got a free coolant shower in the process was refreshing. So it's the official countdown to putting on the supercharger now! I'm getting excited about it.
  9. Look what came in today! Lt4 fuel pump. I have been told by several sources the stock fuel pump will handle around 550hp but if you plan to run E-85 it will not be able to keep up with the extra demand in fuel.
  10. lt4 hpfp on the way! I plan on installing it this coming weekend along with the ADM coolant sensor relocation kit that came in a couple days ago. Should be the last loose ends that I have before the supercharger is ready to go on. I got my boost gauge as well from glow shift and got it mounted in my custom gauge pod. Looks pretty sweet!
  11. Same thing happened to me today. I filled up with 91 then a few miles later the engine started audibly knocking at low revs/part throttle. I went in hp tuners and adjusted the tune and now instead of knocking i get a bad studder/ hesitation in the same rpm range/part throttle. No CEL though. Was told by my tuner bad fuel as well. I'm guna put e85 in to wash out the bad fuel and see if it actually fixes the problem.
  12. Yea. I bought the special tool that supposed to make it easier to remove the tie downs but the plastic cover kept bending. I just yanked on it until it came out. I actually planned on putting it back on the intake manifold but I forgot about it. I installed the manifold and torqued it down and realized i forgot it. By then was to late to try to put it on lol.
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