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  1. Selling the stock high flow fuel pump and stock injectors off of my 2018 GMC Sierra 5.3 V8. I supercharged the truck and upgraded the fuel pump and injectors. The truck had18,000 miles on it when I removed them. I honestly don't know their worth and did some online searching and I think I would like to sell the fuel pump for 175$ and set of 8 injectors for 300$ if those prices are unreasonable make an offer! I will update this post with part #s shortly and more pictures.
  2. As title states selling my HP tuner Pro edition tuning software. I used this on my 2018 LT4 superchargered GMC Sierra with no issues. I have all the pieces that come with the pro edition. I will give the buyer access to my online account to change the registration information and password. This tuner comes with no credits so you will need to purchase credits to tune your vehicle. Sale includes: VCM scanner that connects to OBD II port MVPI2 pro-link cable VCM scanner data cable USB flash drive Neck lanyard I will post up more pictures shortly but this picture summarizes everything I am selling. Asking 475 shipped OBO. Thanks
  3. Got the new heat exchanger on. Haven't got to test it because my pump is air locked. I have been trying all day to get it to work to no avail. I have to drive around and let the coolant sink and fill it up and do it all over again until the coolant stops going down. Shouldn't take more than a day or two. Its not perfectly centered but close enough
  4. Alot more than I ever intended lol! 5-6 grand is a good ball park estimate. If the heat exchanger and bigger reservoir tank don't work, I guess methanol injection would be my next thought on it. Haven't heard of a interchiller? Sounds expensive and labor intensive! Especially dealing with frion. I just got my scanner set up the way I like it. With all the PIDs, gauges and charts I like to Monitor. I actually bought my scanner layout from goatroap garage online for 5.00$ and then just tailored the list for what I want/ need to log. Im still learning on hp tuners and using it to dial in part throttle fueling with MAF and VVE tables. I barely learned how to filter data! I was trying to tune my maf and everytime i released the gas pedal ide go super lean and my numbers would be way off. I filtered all the numbers out that included no throttle or decel throttle and got way better results tuning.
  5. I found the PID. It is just"fuel pressure" I did some logging with some mild boost and it was anywhere from 40psi to 60 psi. I haven't gone WOT with e85 yet because I'm waiting on my my upgraded heat exchanger to come in. My IATs are 150-160 at WOT which is way to hot and it's pulling timing. Im hoping the heat exchanger will fix the issue. If not I'm going to upgrade the reservoir next give it more capacity. I went with speed engineering heat exchanger. Great price and should fit with some slight trimming of the grill. https://www.speed-engineering.com/shop-by-vehicle/2014-18-c7-corvette/cooling/c7-corvette-heat-exchanger-2014-19-large-capacity.html
  6. Sounds like a good plan! I have wideband and the newest hp tuner pro software. So I'll see what the truck does. Is there a PID for the low side? I have rail pressure logged and commanded rail pressure. I think that's it though.
  7. My tuner told me I couldn't run e85 because low side wouldn't keep up. Im only pushing 7psi as well. I would really like to run e85. Let's say i do what do i need to watch for? I'm very scared I'll lose pressure and blow up the truck.
  8. Made 483hp/488tq on the dyno on 91 octane not to shabby. Need to upgrade my cooling and intank fuel pump next to be able to run e85.
  9. Small update. My wb sensor has stopped working on me so I had to buy a new one to continue tuning. I also made a new custom intake that looks pretty good in the engine bay and installed some crankcase breather filters. Engine bay looks good now.
  10. Its alive! Trying to get tune dialed in now! Man does it get hot under the engine bay now!
  11. Made progress but wasn't able to finish due to a unforeseen issue no one had ever made me aware of. A metal sleeve on the bottom of the sc had to be grinded down to allow the sc to sit flush on ict adapters. The metal sleeve is ehere the red arrow is pointing.
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