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    2018 GMC Sierra 1500
  1. 1SLOW1500's Turbo truck build

    https://www.alldrivelines.com/2014-2018-silverado-2-piece-conversion-drive-shaft-kit-high-horsepower/ Have you seen this one? Rated 800hp? Unknown as to 800hp at the fly or wheels..
  2. 1SLOW1500's Turbo truck build

    I've been reading alot on driveshaft issues on our trucks and high speeds. Yours is upgraded right? Seems like a 2pc is the way to go. Although none of them are direct fit because you have to drill for the support. I'm deathly afraid of going 100mph or faster in my truck due to the driveshaft horror stories I've seen. Have you gathered any info in this area?
  3. My 18 doesn't have rpo code sticker. It has the bar code scanner box. That shows all the codes when you scan it.
  4. Very true only way they could know is the RPO codes which they never look at it. Hmmm. I may have to wait till you take your truck in for service and see if they say anything lol.
  5. I'm interested in doing this although I'm sure warranty issues could arise. Thanks for your hard work for providing the information.
  6. Just wanted to let members know that when your dropping the rear end to get rid of that rake, you really need to adjust your headlights. At first I only did the drop shackles and didn't notice much of a headlight difference. After I removed the leaf blocks I noticed my headlights were literally angled so high I was lighting up water towers! It took 8 clockwise spins of the screws on my 18 Sierra to get them as close to stock headlight height as I could. Just posting because I couldn't find anywhere exactly how many turns and also which way. Total drop was about 2.75".
  7. Still waiting. Ughhhhhh

    Buying a kit or piecing it together?
  8. I'de love to have this but to rich for my blood. Does passenger feel it alot?
  9. '14-'18 5.3L Airaid Jr Intake Kit

    Look at right quick connect
  10. Idiot scratch

    Both rims! How that happen
  11. Trading Truck, Selling Parts

    If intake will fit a 2018 5.3 send me a price
  12. Idiot scratch

    125$ and a good wheel shop will look like never happened
  13. 2018 20" Sierra rims *like new*

    Sent you a PM. Get back to me.

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