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  1. That exhuast is to rich for my blood lol
  2. So to update the story. While I was at work I recieved a notification that my package was delivered again. I called home and magically my exhaust was on my front door step. FedEx never called to tell me they had gotten it back or anything. I looked up the tracking number out of curiosity and it showed them loading it in the truck this morning and delivering it. I guess I dont really care what happened as long as I got it. Box didnt appeared to be tampered with and everything was there. I swear if I have an option I will never use fedex again. Thanks everybody for your stories and keeping my Hope's up.
  3. Thanks. I guess it's a waiting game now
  4. How much turbo kit run you installed
  5. Gunna miss you brother and your wealth of knowledge
  6. FedEx delivered my new catback exhaust system to the wrong address like the idiots they are and whoever received it signed for my exhaust. I have opened a investigation because this was a 1,000$ package. Has anyone else had this happened? How did it turn out?
  7. I hauled fuel for a while and can tell you never buy 89. Its 87 with ethanol lol.
  8. Who did you go with for drive shaft. Will it be custom?
  9. Got my truck back can't tell how they fixed it. It was one day turnaround. Im assuming they didn't paint the whole grill? Or am I wrong. Looks great though
  10. Me too! I was actually concerned they would deny it. Had thoughts in my head if what I was going to end up paying for the repair.
  11. And the verdict is......they covered it, I was really nervous for some reason too. Had they denied it I would of raised hell. I'll be dropping it off Thursday for repair. I didnt get to talk to the guy who approved the claim though. Although being as there was no impact damage and the paint is literally falling off in the wind. I was sure I had a claim. I had to take it to Chevrolet dealership to have them check it out because my GMC dealership where I purchased didnt have a body shop so that really didn't sit well with me but it all worked out.
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