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  1. Very smart. I was always worried that if I tapped the oil pan for boost setup I would mess it up! Ended up going with a supercharger. Less things to go wrong.
  2. If you searched there's a couple threads out there. Some companies will not make a 1 piece because it's to long and is unsafe past 100mph. My 2 piece was bought from here http://www.alldrivelines.com/2014-2018-silverado-2-piece-conversion-drive-shaft-kit/
  3. I need to get a tape measure because your right sometimes it looks perfect other times it looks a little off. I'm getting the truck ready for one turbo kit
  4. I think for the front I'm going to do 1" drop springs to level it out, what do yall think?
  5. I wanted to post this because I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I decided to do this project this weekend. Firstly I dont think it's possible for one person to do this on their own. Unless you have alot of Jacks and even more jack stands lol. Secondly the instructions the kit comes with are severely lacking information and leave alot for you to figure out on your own. Thirdly, I watched alot of how-to videos and read alot about doing this project before I actually started and I feel I spent most of my time cutting with a grinding wheel which I feel alot of how-to's dont touch on. Anyways about 10 hours later the truck is dropped. I need to lower the front just a tad, but for now I'm happy with the outcome. I still have alot of clean up to do at a later date. All the cutting left alot sharp edges and brackets that need to be cleaned up and painted.
  6. Very few people on this forum have actually done this kit. The one guy who has done it with great success is no longer on these forums. Best bet is to speak to on3 turbo and ask all your questions.
  7. Correct you need to use the stock shackle for the full drop. You may bottom out on the bump stops going that low. So B. Is the answer. That's why the 3-4 flip kit comes with new shackles
  8. Get the l86 intake manifold and l86 TB.
  9. Just wanted to post a product review for block8head's custom vent pod. He did a custom vent pod for me that was different than his normal Gauge pod because I have a base model that doesnt have all the electronics the upper models have. It's a great product and it came out just the way I wanted it to and keeps the dash looking stock. The guage replaces the little cubby hole that comes with the base models. Block8head is a very busy guy so just give him time to reply if you hit him up on FB DM and you wont regret getting a Gauge pod from him! Thanks!
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