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  1. 2015 GMC Denali 6.2L with the 8L90 and 195,000 miles. What's the deal on replacement or rebuild? Are the dealerships the place to go or are the trans shops doing these now?
  2. NOt that i'm aware of. Had mine replaced Monday and nothing had to be done
  3. I found this thread from a google search.. My rears have all but locked up.. Looking for replacement options. I can do all the work myself
  4. Any new performance upgrades y'all have found to be a good addition to these trucks?
  5. Performance upgrades.. what have y'all found to be the best bang for the buck? I've been looking at DiabloSport inTune i3 from http://www.diablewtune.comsince they offer a custom tune with it Maybe some long tube headers and cat back system?? What do you guys recommend?
  6. Good morning,, I have a 2015 1500 Denali 6.2L 8sp.. I have questions about trans service as well as upgrade performance parts.
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