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  1. IPhone 8 & wireless charging pad

    Replaced my 2016 Tahoe pad with the 2018 GM pad and the REV 2 harness from PGAMBOA. Charges my iphone 8 (with a leather case) and an iphone 8 plus (with no case) just fine and connects every-time. The 8 plus straddles the mat slightly. No need to turn the mat around in my case but really easy to do once your in there if you wanted. Shame on GM for their lack of support. Thanks to Phil!
  2. IPhone 8 & wireless charging pad

    I plan to put the wireless pad on the repair order every time I take the vehicle in for an oil change. The interesting thing to me is, eventhough the dealers or GM wont answer us on the pad not working, what will they tell prospective vehicle buyers sitting in the $50k plus vehicle that drop their iphone 8 on the pad a nothing happens?
  3. Iphone 8 does not required an Apple certified wireless charger. They arent out yet. Bought a $17 cheapy at Target and it works just fine
  4. JPC,, having same issue on a Tahoe. There is another conversation on this forum discussing it also. Search Iphone 8. I have contacted GM infotainment reps, and both dealers here. Nothing yet. I know the vehicle pad works as my friends Samsung charges fine even with a case. I set my Iphone 8 on a charging pad at Best Buy and also charges fine. Not sure whats next but very disappointed. I know the 8 just came out but GM and Apple must talk.
  5. IPhone 8 & wireless charging pad

    I agree rtreptow7. My Tahoe owners manual indicates what you found that the wireless pad supports both PMA and Qi wireless charging. My Iphone 8 does nothing when I set it on it. I verified my vehicle pad works with a Samsung, I verified my Iphone 8 charges wirelessly at a pad at Best Buy. I have contacted both Chevy dealers here but havent heard back yet. It seems like a GM problem.
  6. IPhone 8 & wireless charging pad

    I am experiencing the same thing on a 2016 Tahoe. Regardless of where I place the Iphone 8 it will not wireless charge. A friends Samsung works fine. A GM rep indicated it could be related to where Apple put the charging coil in the 8. Disappointing that GM and Apple didnt get this right. Probably didnt help that Apple was so late in wireless charging. Its part of the reason I waited on this Apple phone. At this point, Im not willing to take the rubber pad off until I hear more from GM.

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