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  1. IPhone 8 & wireless charging pad

    Okay - now I see the difference - I don't have the module as of yet (since it is on nationwide backorder) but was told that the 2018 module had a "4 pin plug" vice the "6 pin plug" like the 2016/2017 versions. Now that I look closer I see the plug looks similar, but the configuration is slightly different. Thanks for sending the photos - they were a big help. Now we just need to get the module back in stock.
  2. IPhone 8 & wireless charging pad

    I realize that it uses the same 3 wires - however, the part number he listed for the connector (571-2035363-4) is the same connector that is used for the 2016/2017 modules - not the one for the 2018 module. I need the part number for the 2018 module. And I don't have a "page 10" so if you can repost that thread I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  3. IPhone 8 & wireless charging pad

    So I received part number 571-2035363-4 from Mouser Electronics today - the plug is the same exact plug that is in the 2016/17 vehicle now? How is this going to connect to the new module - if we ever get it - on backorder with no ESD in sight??? Are you sure you gave us the correct part number?
  4. IPhone 8 & wireless charging pad

    Unreal - so you are telling me that a dealership actually cut the wire to the original charger and installed the new one? I find that hard to believe. Not to mention the fact that they want $250 for a wireless charging device similar to one you can get on Amazon.com for $25!! I refuse to pay that kind of money when I own well over $110,000 worth of Chevy products and they can't even get a simple wireless charger to work!!! I would like to get the name of the dealership in Houston that did this "modification" and have my dealership research it. Feel free to provide the details. Thanks.
  5. IPhone 8 & wireless charging pad

    So a couple of things about recent posts on this site - first, while it is true that the 18 models will work with the iPhone 8/10, the two modules have different part numbers and the 16-17 module has a 6 pin connector, while the 18 module has a 4 pin connector. Leave it the GM to change the wiring harness even though nothing about the console or infotainment center has changed. I'm guessing that eventually someone (aftermarket is my guess) will find a way to retrofit the 18 module into the 16/17 model years. Second, I removed the thin plastic piece from my 16 Tahoe and yes, my iPhone 8 will work, however, the only way it works is if the phone is sitting on the charging mat when you start the vehicle (or power up in the accessory mode) - if power is on and you drop the phone on the mat, it will not work. Not sure why, but this seems very odd to me. I completely blame GM for this problem and hoping they will either find a fix for it soon or at least allow consumers to "upgrade" to something that works.
  6. IPhone 8 & wireless charging pad

    I'm not looking to "blame" either Apple or GM for this problem, what I am looking for is a solution to the problem. Since we now know that the 2018 GM charging pad works with the iPhone 8, I have asked my local dealership to look into replacing my charging pad and/or just the charging block with the 2018 version. If the newer charging block fits into the 2015-2017 location, then the problem should be solved. If anyone has information on this please pass it along. When I hear back from the dealership, I will post that information here. Thanks.
  7. IPhone 8 & wireless charging pad

    I have removed the "charging device" from under the console and placed my iPhone 8 on it - it will connect for about 2 seconds and then disconnect - the problem with the system is that the charging device is too low power to charge anything with any efficiency. GM could solve the problem by having the manufacturer design,, develop and manufacture a charging block that will work on all phones - even if they offer it as an "upgrade" I would pay to have this made available. This is not an apple problem, it is GM developing technology that was new and not following up on the upgrade of it.
  8. IPhone 8 & wireless charging pad

    I have two 2016 Chevy's - neither of them charge the iPhone 8. When I called the Infotaiment folks they told me the same thing listed above - the phone was too new to "test" on the charging mat. I would certainly think that Apple and GM could have gotten together before this to "test" the charging mat's capability along with the phone's. I also received an email response telling me to take the vehicle(s) into my local Chevrolet dealer to have the mat checked. My phone works on every other charging mat and the mat(s) are energized - they are just not powerful enough to worth this the new Qi technology. My suggestion is that GM replace the current power supply with something more powerful so that we can start using this feature in our overpriced vehicles.

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