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  1. Very poor design to remove, the pieces that attach to fender and go below headlight come off 1st. they are attached by white push clips, however they wrap around on to grill and are almost impossible to remove without breaking small taps on grille that lock it in, same on fender side.My recommendation is start at grill end and release from grill before attempting to pull moulding off.
  2. For anyone wondering about removable valance , I notched the upper portion 4 inches and took off the small bottom secondary valance. You can use both, directions say to save valances incase of plow removal, but I didn't like the way it looked without the primary valance piece.
  3. Just finished 1st full tank on 2500 Double cab, 50/50 city hwy avgd mid 13s. great throttle response compared to my 6.0, looking forward to towing & towing #s
  4. for trucks with front 40/20/40 bench front seats, Ive seen it on Lt's models the double port RPO code MCZ 2 port, and there is a MCR 2 port w/card reader. Im trying to find part#s for them
  5. looking to see if anyone updated the USB charing block/cube from 1 port to 2 as I've seen on upper trim models. Part #s ?
  6. Just picked up my 2020 custom 2500hd DC and its the same stupid console. thx for all the posts, i was loosing it on the way home with a few sentence enhancers wondering how did I'm miss that at the dealer.
  7. The fog lights and switch for the 19 1500 are the same as my 2500, however the fuse box is on the drivers side, so the instructions don't help. Does anyone have wiring diagram for the 2020 HDS?
  8. Is there a submersible camera for a boat trailer? OEM or after market??
  9. empty cache and clear cookies and keep trying
  10. wow that was alot of reading, I have a 2015 3500 hd LT regular cab chassis truck ordered being built this week that I am making into a hooklift. For chassis options the best mirror setup I could get was rpo DPN. I am looking to get the mirrors specifically for the led aspect for backing up to containers at night etc... So after I read all the posts I gather that I will need a set of DQS's and a driverside switch and wire the leds to suit my needs, someone correct me if im wrong or missing something. My main question that i need help with: I have a regular cab so my door panel trim plate is different from all the double cabs and crew cabs have rear windows. Does the double mirror switch just get swapped out to the triple switch like the photos Ive seen in earlier posts? Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  11. do a member search for GM Customer , and send them a message with your order number and state
  12. Pm the GM rep on here , Jennifer is great, get weekly updates automaticly, info usually up to date up until it leaves rail yard. Then you dealer will have better info. Just ordered my 2015 3500 chasis for hooklift saturday. Ordered a 1500 in the spring and the updates were helpful
  13. bruklnboy

    borla 140572

    2014 6.2 borla 140572
  14. OMG!!!!!!!!!! took about 15mins. Well Im not a engineer or a car guru but I didnt think that i would gain torque or HP but it did. Idk if its because of the airflow or the exhaust or both It is way more responsive and felt like it shifted a little easier,definitly notiecable tho. ZERO DRONE in v4 and there was no sound change switching. I thought it would be louder but it definitly has a deep growl and is pretty loud at startup in garage, in the cab with windows down my sons and i had a normal spoken a conversation. with foot off the pedal you could barely barely hear it. 4000+ rpm you can still hold convo. Video I have on youtube is a hot start, i was worried it wouldnt be loud enough or too loud, but it is perfect. havent noticed any change with active noise cancellation or if it even effects it in any way. its quiet til bout 2000rpms then the tones start coming alive. I would highly recommend, i had my doubts, but 100x better than i expected. . amazing smooth and subtle at low rpms. The neighbors may not like the start up from echo in garage, and is loud if you get on her, but normal driving is fine and dont think cops would give you a look, but watch out if you hit it lmao, heads will turn
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