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  1. New to the forum. I like this idea.. where’d you get the LEDs? Thanks
  2. So it comes on when you reverse? I’m new to the forum and late to this thread.. thanks in advance.
  3. I’m really interested with this mod. I know I’m very late but I’m a new owner of 2014 Sierra. So only ONE wire from the positive reverse to the positive LED light harness? Is that it? How can I tell which is the positive wire for both reverse and LED harness? My truck came with the LED on the bed which is Good that I don’t have to do that mod. Thanks!
  4. Im from Texas myself.. Austin to be exact
  5. Ahhh. I was having beer with couple buddies sitting around the truck bed and realized my truck bed came with lights!!! That was one of the MODS I wanted to do!
  6. Thanks everyone for the welcome love! Really looking forward to learning more about my truck for tips and mods!
  7. As far as I know, no open recall.. I will check soon now that you mentioned that. Still trying to get used to this forum, Ive never joined any in a long while. Once I figure it out I will be posting pictures! For now you can see my profile picture. Thanks!
  8. New to the forum. New to gmc family and new owner 2014 GMC Sierra slt z71! Looking forward to learn more about my truck in this forum! Cant wait to see whats out there as far as mods! Thanks!
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