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  1. Just had the torque converter replaced on mine....could that be your issue? I'm no mechanic but mine almost felt like it was fluttering.
  2. This so sounds like what I have been going thru the past 23 months. It's so frustrating what's causing it. No solution yet. Waiting for the dealership owner to get back in town now to see what they are going to do.
  3. I have a 2012 GMC Acadia Denali AWD. Since I have purchased the vehicle 2 years ago, it has had a vibration issue. It seems to vibrate at speeds 60 and over and tends to do it more when accelerating and after sitting for a few hours or more. Dealership thought it was the tires. After replacing the tires right after it was bought, that didn't help. 30,000 miles later replaced the tires again still has not helped. They even took tires/rims off a brand new Enclave and put on my vehicle and it still did not fix the issue (used as a test to see if it was from the new tires and/or rims). Also, the tires that were on the vehicle when we purchased it used, wore unevenly (I think they called it cupping or something along that lines but cant remember). Regardless in our eyes, this vibration issue is causing the tires to wear quickly and wear in an uneven manner. The second set of tires wore the same way. We are now on set number three. The steering wheel also shimmies back and forth (kind of like the tires are extremely off balance or kind of like when your rotors are warped and your applying the brakes). The issue with the steering wheel is not happening when braking so it's not the rotors. Now they did find one issue, the car was almost bouncing up and down a bit also, and they found the torque converter had to be replaced. While replacing the torque converter, they inspected the drive shaft to make sue nothing was wrong with that. The car has had the alignment checked multiple times and the tires have been balanced to the ying yang including road forced balanced at more than one facility. Some of the things I know the dealership have checked are the following: all suspension parts, motor mounts, axles......they even hook it up to a picoscope to monitor the vibration to see if it could pick up where the vibration is coming from. I mean it's almost like your on a 1940's exercise vibration machine the whole time your driving it....your just shaking the whole time your driving it and you can feel it in the steering wheel as it's shimming back and forth. It has been check multiple times over the last two years. FOR THE LOVE OF MY SANITY, CAN ANYONE COME UP WITH ANY SUGGESTIONS......I THINK THE DEALERSHIP AND ME & THE HUBBY ARE BEYOND FRUSTRATED.

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