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  1. UPDATE OBD 2 port is working. AUX power isn't.
  2. Over the weekend, I replaced every fuse in the block under the hood and on the left side of the dash. No change. The last time the power outlet worked was on New Years Eve, I plugged in an air compressor to the outlet. It hasn't worked since. Is there in in-line fuse in that circuit somewhere I'm missing?
  3. Than you for your reply. I've checked and replaced the fuses under the hood multiple times, like I stated in the original post.
  4. Thanks Jay for your reply. No, there's been no mods done to the truck.
  5. I thought about that too. The cig lighter works just fine. Ive tried 4 different fuses in both spots, still no power. Im getting a test light tonight to see if there's power running to the fuse.
  6. I've stated that I replaced it already.
  7. On my 2004 Silverado, the OBD 2 port and the AUX power socket doesn't work. I've read other threads about the fuse being bad so I checked and replaced the fuses for the cig lighter and the AUX power in the under hood fuse panel. Ive also replaced the fuse in the side dash labeled AUX 2. They still don't work. What am I missing here? Is there another fuse that's not clearly labeled?
  8. On my trucks I've had Goodyear Wranglers, Bridgestone Revo's, Michelin LTX, Firestone Destination LE2, and the stockers. All tires were good in deep snow. Revo's had the best side bite on hard pack snow. Destination LE2's are the worst tire I've ever had for sidebite on hardpack snow, but best tire for dry surface, also the lightest and quietest tire of the group. Side note, the Destination LE'2 are more of a highway tire, but Firestone gives it a 7 of 10 for snow traction. The Michelin's were the best all around tire, I'll be getting those going forward.
  9. Gotcha. Does my truck have the dual piston calipers because it has the tow package?
  10. Thanks to everyone who has pitched in here. Question. When I put that part number in the search box at hawkperformance.com, it dosen't list the Silverado at all. Is the dual piston set up on Sliverados so rare that its never listed?
  11. Thank you 15HDriver, but those numbers are for front pads, I need the rear.
  12. Hello. After spending a lot of time today on this site searching through threads, on the phone with Hawk Performance and on the AC Delco website for cross referencing part numbers, Hawk cant give me a for sure part number for rear pads. I have a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 5.3 Z71 with the dual piston calipers. The part # the Hawk site suggest dosent seperate the single piston caliper pad vs. the dual piston caliper pad which we know is bigger. Has anyone else put these pads on their truck and if so, what is the correcrt part #?
  13. I have this same issue. All hoses, & water pump was replaced new in August. No sign of coolant anywhere in the engine compartment nor on the passenger floorboard from a leaky heater core. From time to time a strong antifreeze odor comes from the engine compartment and theres some missing in the overflow but no evidence of a leak. Odor cant be noticed in the cab.
  14. What im looking for is which one it is, where its at in the dash, and any applicable part numbers for the actuator.
  15. Is there a specific actuator / blend door that controls recirculating as well as defrosting? I'm aware that theres 4 actuators on a 2004 Silverado, dual climate control.
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