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  1. Had it on for a year and a half since the truck was brand new with zero issues.
  2. Yeah I stuck it to the tailgate so when its closed it is facing down.
  3. I bought a cheap 20 dollar one on Amazon. I mounted it under the lip of the tailgate. It lights up the gap and you don't see the individual lights.
  4. My grill had a crack in it so I bought the inner portion of the grill to replace it. Taking the 3 bars off was a nightmare. Since the old inner part of the grill was broken i was able to cut the tabs behind the clips. That still took me about 2 hours. I read on here somewhere that someone cut up an old gift card to use as wedges behind the tabs. The grill comes off easy so you can look at it. Im not sure how people can get it off without breaking a good amount of the clips.
  5. Hated the honeycomb grill on my LT truck. So I found a used inner portion of a z71 grill and switched it out. Was a nightmare getting the 3 chrome bars off of my old grill.
  6. Washed waxed, debadged everything but the bowtie and added tail light covers
  7. I just installed them in my truck. its not hard to install yourself just time consuming, there are videos on youtube with step by step directions. My kit did come with leather for the console lid, i didnt install it though because when you take the original lid apart it is attached with staples and is somehow melted into the edges.
  8. For the front and back. they have them for the crew cab and double cab, same price
  9. Ebay has them for 550. They had a 15% coupon last week so I got them for 465.
  10. They go away with heat. A guy at my work installed some last month and they tightend up. I live in Florida so it shouldn't take to long. I could have steamed them but was to tired to do it.
  11. Finished installing the katzkin leather. Started raining so I'll put the back seats in later this week. Took me about 12 hours between 3 days. Glad it's over lol. Not hard to do, just time consuming.
  12. Started installing the katzkin in my truck. Just finished the back seat. Going to try and steam it to get the wrinkles out faster. Front seats tomorrow. Fingers are killing me lol.
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