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  1. Those bowties look horrible IMO. I like the color of the truck though (Blue).
  2. What do ya Shoot? - Camera, Lenses, & other gear

    I photograph mostly Police, Fire, Military, Drag races and classic cars. Sometimes I shoot landscapes and night scenes. More can be found on my website.
  3. Hello (new owner of 2017 Ocean Blue Silverado)

    Good to know on the gunmetal. I just don't want to go to overboard with black. Though I do like the chrome.
  4. Anyone from the Bay area?

    Alameda here.
  5. Hello (new owner of 2017 Ocean Blue Silverado)

    I want to swap out the bowtie and add the illuminated black bowtie. Window Tint is on the list. I saw the thread of another DOB Chevy owner like mine and was looking through it to get ideas.
  6. What do ya Shoot? - Camera, Lenses, & other gear

    I am a Canon fanatic. I moonlight as a photographer. Here is my website if you would like to check out what I photograph most. www.jennyspixs.com Bodies: 6D xTi Lens: 24-105mm 100-400mm 16-35mm 4 tripods Canon Speed lite Lee's Filters
  7. Hello all, My name is Jenny from California and I am a new owner of the 2017 Deep Ocean Blue Silverado LT. I've always wanted a truck so when it was time to sell my Ford Exploder I started looking at Chevys. I am looking for suggestions or advice on what type of wheels and rims (maybe gunmetal rims). I like the chrome but I don't want to go to overboard with the Chrome. I want to add line-x to the bed still trying to decide if I want it to match the bed color or just black. Especially since I am going to have a friend install the bed cover that I bought from Gator covers. If there are other Blue Chevy owners like me speak up. I would like suggestions and advice. Thank you Jenny

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