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  1. Just curious as to where you have ordered your BORA wheel spacers from and how much you got them for?? Im looking at getting the 1.75" for my 17 sierra @ $62.50 each http://www.motorsport-tech.com/4DCGI/switchtruckmodel not sure if anyone knows of any other online retailers that sell them as well.
  2. I ran 275/60/20 bfg ko2 on my stock rims on my 17 Sierra with stamped steel UCA's and would only have rub at full lock in reverse if I can remember correctly. Once I put my leveling kit in no issues with rubbing. You could cross reference size of the nittos and the bfgs to see if that set up would work for you.
  3. Do you have the new Stamped Steel Control arms and were able to fit the 305/55/20 without any rub on them?
  4. x2 i have the rc 2" blocks and no vibration either. I like that fact that it is a new larger block and you arent stacking blocks like some other brands.
  5. do you have stamped steel UCA or cast steel? im looking to run a 2" level on my 17 sierra with stamped steel UCA, just wondering if i would be fine with 295/60/20 on my stock rims as well.
  6. all you have to do is hold down unlock on the fob and all 4 windows will open up? i just tried on mine and nothing, maybe im doing something wrong?
  7. Great looking rig! what sizes bfg's are you running? i see you had to zap strap the front wheel liners back a bit, any rubbing on the UCA when at full lock?
  8. Im looking for recommendations for my 2017 GMC Sierra with 2.5 RC leveling kit for Upper Control arms. I know you can get the Ready lift ones https://www.readylift.com/tubular-upper-control-arm-kit-2017-2018-chevy-silverado-1500-gmc-sierra-1500-1.html Is there any other you would recommend? Thanks in advance
  9. Looking for the best deal online for a 2.5" leveling kit for my 2017 GMC Sierra 4wd
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