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  1. Does the V6 handle a strong headwind when towing the travel trailer?
  2. You have wealth and good fortune, but you spend your life sharing your misery about CNN.
  3. Dirt is reiterating a term that RWers invented to mock an English columnist who wrote about global warming. They keep repeating it and laugh to themselves. Animals think They're pretty smart But they don't even know What a joke is --David Byrne, "Animals"
  4. Conversation has revealed that there are some unhappy posters here. Do know that I get my news from The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg.
  5. You only get your information from Fox News, which is basically fake news. BTW, your governor is a republican... search.yahoo.com/search?p=mass%20governor%20
  6. I wish I had purchased a Tahoe instead of a Silverado. I don't like crawling past the huge tailgate to get into the bed of my truck. Bicycles are hard to retrieve. I had a boffo bike set up on my minivan, but now I need a vehicle that can tow a travel trailer.
  7. GM spent a billion dollars buying Cruise Automation and has been dumping " a billion dollars/year" into building. For self driving cars with an uncertain future. Tom Keene on Bloomberg had an auto analyst guest on Wednesday. He asked him: "what happens when that car comes upon one of our massive potholes in New York City?". The analyst had no answer.
  8. GM’s Mexico plants last year produced about 687,000 pickup trucks and SUVs along with 119,000 cars. The automaker’s U.S. plants assembled 1.5 million pickups and SUVs and about 520,000 cars. https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/money/cars/2018/11/27/gm-plant-closing-spring-hill-tennessee-mexico-uaw/2118176002/
  9. That sounds like the wheel covers for my late, great Cobalt. Thanks for your advice, everybody !!
  10. Thank you. How do I secure them to the wheel? Do I have to drill holes and attach "clips"?
  11. I am going to buy wheels and tires for snow duty for my 2014 Silverado. I have found some economical steel wheels with the center exposed. Can I get by without a center cap? I don't know how the hubs are constructed. On the cars I have owned, there were exposed threads and nuts if I did not put the wheel covers on. I prefer the steel wheels for economy and so that I don't have to procure a second set of tuner lugs for my alternate wheels. Thanks
  12. GM doesn't have capacity to make the Envision in the US. And what is GM supposed to do, build the Envision in the US to sell in China at a price disadvantage? I have a hundred friends and classmates who work at GM Lordstown. They are proud of their company and their union. I don't know if you could hack it doing that demanding job on the assembly line. You gotta hustle.
  13. 355 hp and 383 lb.-ft. of torque on my 5.3L V8 from 2014 vs 310 hp and 355 lb-ft on this turbo L4. I tow a travel trailer with 50 sq.ft. frontal area. Power does make a difference when towing at highway speeds, which for me is 60 mph. Will the loss of 25 hp make a difference? I use a commuter car for my daily driver, so the stop and go fuel economy specs don't matter to me. However, I applaud GM for making a truck that has the same city mpg as my 3000 lb Celebrity from 30 years ago.
  14. Our American automakers had high health care costs and trouble competing with foreign brands. The banking collapse meant customers could not finance vehicles and GM went into managed bankruptcy JsDirt would rather have our company be completely destroyed. I reckon you won't be able to deal with this so you will flee to some forum where they are still ranting about Benghazi.
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