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  1. Dang and I thought I was mad when i got my first door ding!!!
  2. Traded for a 2018

    Nice looking truck!
  3. 5.3L fuel usage?

    i also switched to 89+ because of knocking
  4. Removed the stock muffler, flapper valve, resonator and tailpipe. Installed a cherry bomb extreme muffler and had it dumped behind the rear axle. Turned out perfect! Made a quick video as there weren't many out there with this setup when I was researching. Cherry Bomb Extreme 2017 5.3l
  5. Toolbox Organization

    Awesome. never thought to do that. Its like a bigger version of the canvas tool pouches I've used at work.
  6. New Chevy owner

    Hey guys. Picked up the last 2017 Silverado on the lot on New Years eve eve. I've been tooling around in a Hyundai commuter car for the past 6 years or so and am beyond excited to be back in a full size truck. never again... lol

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