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  1. Still no resolution after 3 more alignment attempts from 2 more shops. Even tried adding .5 more caster on the right. No change. Swapped the tires around again too.
  2. Another very happy with the swap from Rancho to 5100s. Far more soft of a ride but without the excessive body roll one might think you'd get with a softer shock. Closer to the ride of a 1500 than how the Ranchos felt. Also added the 5100 steering stabilizer which smoothes out the bump steer quite a bit. Adds a bit more heft to the steering too.
  3. I've read multiple posts concerning possibilities for a resolution for my truck pulling to the right but wanted to post my specs up here before approaching yet another alignment shop in case I'm missing something. My feeling is that either the rear end is throwing off the alignment, the shops are not aligning the front to the rear, or the simplest answer to just add more caster to the right front wheel may be the answer. Am I missing anything else? I would say the last idea I wrote is likely the answer until I started to understand a bit more about my rear wheels in the attached alignment printout. Now I'm a bit confused. Let me know what you guys think so I can intelligently approach a shop again. BTW, when I did approach the shop that did the initial alignment, requesting caster in the 3's with about 3/4 more in the right, they said no way. They are also the ones that sold me the tires and did the original alignment. BFG AT KO2 one size up from stock. 33x11.50. Truck drove perfect with the old tires. Also, the tires have been rotated with no help. Thanks guys!
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