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  1. The 110V power plug in my 2014 Silverado will not charge my laptop. It still works to charge my printer and phone but not my computer. It did work for a few weeks and then just stopped one day which leads me to think it might be an issue with the charger, but the charger still works in a regular 110V plug. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can troubleshoot this issue?
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  3. I just recently purchased a 2014 Silverado and I am having issues with the rear right turn signal. The dash is saying turn indicator failure. The signal works fine for the first three flashes and then increases speed. They are the LED upgraded taillights but i cannot get anyone to tell me what type of "reducer" I should install. The left indicator, which works fine, has two 2" x 3" boxes plugged into the extra connectors. Nothing is plugged into the connectors on the right indicator. I have also noticed an ethernet cable on the driver side console. It appears to run into the dash but I am unable to locate it on the other side of the firewall which confuses me. The truck does have satellite everything, could this be a function of this or could it be from a engine tuner that was removed. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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