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  1. Selling my old wheels. They will need new rubber but come with tpms sensors and lug nuts. 2 of them have the chrome peeling a decent amount (see pics). Bought the truck that way unfortunately but good candidates to powder coat black or just live with it like I did lol. 450 obo located in Jacksonville Fl. Prefer local pickup but would ship on your dime.
  2. Like an idiot I backed my truck into a pole and looking for a rear bumper for my 2016 Silverado. Looking for one in graphite metallic with backup sensors. I'm located in Florida but will be driving to New Jersey for Christmas so could pick up anywhere along the east coast. Would greatly appreciate any leads on one
  3. Was looking for just the chrome piece painted but that looks super good with the whole thing being painted! Might be doing that too haha
  4. I did the same setup and love it! I think the truck looks perfect with the very slight rake
  5. Has anyone painted the chrome bumper trim? I've searched the forums and google but can't find any pics other then of base model trucks with crappy black plastic.Trying to decide if I should get it painted black or color match but need reference.
  6. It is, by far, the ugliest thing to come out of GM BUT I think there is a good potential for companies to come out with an after market grill that'll make it look tough
  7. I'm running goodyear duratracs in 275/65/20. Don't notice any noise until highway speeds but it's not bad and pretty easy to drown out with the radio. I took a 2-3 mpg hit but they look and perform awesome so I don't care lol
  8. Im gonna say no, you shouldnt have to. Thats only slightly bigger then factory size
  9. 34x11 on 20x9 +1 offset with 2.5" motofab level. Had to do very minor trimming on the fender liner to keep from rubbing.
  10. ^^^ Like he said, what offset? Google says those tires are 33.8x11.2. I have 275/65/20 that come out to 34.1x11 on a 20x9 +1 wheel with a 2.5" level. I had to trim the back of the fender liner and part of the little mud flap to get no rub. That 1/4" smaller wheel will probably fit better but you'll still probably rub the liner
  11. My buddy has a BDS lift and his truck rides like it just rolled out the factory. It's pricey tho. I think kits are about 2k+
  12. Selling 2” rough country level kit. This is the lower strut spacer. I decided to go a different route so it’s brand new, never installed. $40 shipped Also have factory rear blocks if anyone needs them
  13. Damn that looks good! I've been hunting for a good tonneau cover and I think thats it
  14. That right there is a big reason why i drive a truck. Way safer then those little disposable cars people drive now
  15. How was the sound? Did it make a big difference?
  16. It's got a 2.5" motofab level in the front and 1" lift block in the rear. 20x9 +1 fuel vapor rims wrapped in 275/65/20 duratrac's
  17. I might have to put one under the rear seat. This whole time i thought i had one. Thing would sound really great with a decent setup
  18. You really have no sub with a bench seat? I have a bose system and a bench seat but it definitley shakes the truck like theres a sub
  19. Hey everyone, new member here and just wanted to show off my ride
  20. Just wanted to say hey to everyone here. I'm a newer Chevy owner with a 2016 Silverado. Just put a 2.5" level on it and shiny new wheels and tires. I absolutely love these trucks!
  21. I have a 2.5" level and 275/65r20. Comes out to 34x11 and get very little rub
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