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  1. 2017 sierra denali ultimate

    I am looking at the G4 as an option for a bed cover. How is it holding up and what are your thoughts on it now? Any water in the bed issues? Thanks
  2. I have been looking at the Fold A Cover G4 and was wondering how yours is holding up? Any leaks develop? Would you buy one again? Are all the panes the same size? If my math is right each panes should be about 19.5 inches, is that about what they measure? Any other info you can share would be great. Thanks
  3. Roll N Lock VS Retrax

    Do you all have the M Series or A Series?
  4. Just purchased a 2017 GMC Sierra and want to add a bed cover. Looking at Roll N Lock Vs Retrax. My truck has the spray in bed liner from the factory so I was wondering how people are installing the drain tubes? Has anyone done something different withe the tubes instead of drilling holes. Like into a bucket and then empty it? Also I would love to see pictures of other trucks with the two bed covers installed.

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