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  1. I experience the same issue with the driver side mirror creeping out. Every few days, I push it back in place. Just a minor annoyance because I like the mirrors a lot, but if you come up with a solution please share! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  2. door lock

    I agree. I missed this on the re-install of the door panel and had the same issue. I had the cable in place, but the white nylon keeper was not locked in so I had to pull the door panel again. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  3. Although I repaired the manufacturers wiring defect in my LH mirror and avoided breaking the glass, the top mirror section now reflects a distorted view. I may have placed too much stress on the mirror backing plate while removing/replacing it. I am reluctant to pull the mirror again for fear of breaking the glass and not having a replacement in hand. I sent an email to the support address this weekend explaining the situation and requesting their help. We will see what happens.
  4. After nick_99chevy identified that pin #1 and pin #4 were intentionally clamped together (inside a taped wire run no less), I followed his lead and dismantled my LH mirror to make the fix. I found exactly the same issue and applied the same fix. My truck is a 2016 1500 LTZ with seat memory. Now everything works as it should and no more blown LH park lamp fuses. Photo's would be redundant because nick_99chevy posted great ones. I managed to make the repair without damaging anything. Thanks again to nick_99chevy for finding the problem because I have been chasing this for a while. After the first set of mirrors from amauto appeared to have a short in the LH mirror, I contacted customer service and they insisted the reason the mirrors didn't work was because the set I ordered "worked with RPO code K40 (diesel)". This was a ridiculous argument because the K40 option is simply a replacement lower cap with the temp sensor for the RH mirror. The replacement cap with the sensor was shipped with this set, but not installed. In other words, they would work for a diesel if you replaced the RH mirror lower cap with the sensor. The second set from amauto did not come with the K40 option and had the exact same issue.....blows the LH park lamp fuse until I applied the nick fix. I like the mirrors and now that the adventure is over I am glad I have them. However, customer service does not know what they are doing and as a result I am out $63 to insure and return the fist set of mirrors because they claim I ordered the wrong ones. Hopefully PGAMBOA's discussions with the manufacturer will eventually clear up this mystery, but if you have seat memory be advised you will likely have to dismantle and repair the LH mirror wiring and void the warranty.
  5. Brad, I have the same problem (2016 1500 LTZ) and Phil has been helping me, but so far as I can determine no one has figured it out. Just a thought....if you clip one of those blown fuses and insert the blade in the "load" side of fuse #29 so you have a connection for your Fluke....could you determine which pin in the mirror plug (other than than the running light pin) hows continuity back to the fuse? I love the mirrors and changing lanes on 290 is no longer a white knuckled event, but right now I just running with the left mirror parking light unplugged. Makes the truck lopsided after dark :). Good luck!

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