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  1. Hi truck is still at dealership still no movement on parts so I took your advice and called GM and they told me that they would have somebody call me in the next day or two so we’ll see what happens
  2. Yeah I’m going down tomorrow to the dealership and taking pictures and talking to the manager
  3. Still no head gaskets went to the dealership today to get some stuff out of the truck and I looked inside my truck and the top end of the engine is in my backseat with the seat up With a blanket between my carpet and parts don’t know if that’s common practice or not but it didn’t look good and my truck smells like old oil I’m not too impressed with this dealership right now .
  4. Yeah and the truck is parked in the back lot of the dealership said they cannot get a gasket anywhere
  5. I have a 2016 GMC Dinali 6.2 L and I was just wondering if anybody was having problems with trying to get head Gaskets I took my truck into the dealer for a tick in the engine and they said it was my Lifters and Cam and I was told it would take four days to repair that was two weeks ago they are telling me that the head gaskets are on back order and I was just wondering if it is bad to have my engine tore down for two weeks? And do not know when head gaskets will be available to finish the job.
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