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  1. FWIW, I had a 2" lower spacer and later came back and added the 1/2" motofab upper strut spacer and after it settled I gained about 3/4" over the expected 1/2". Def was worth it to add that upper strut spacer for me.
  2. Yeah, everyone said it was a simple lift, but it was a good 7 hours in a shop with every tool known to man to make the job easier. I wouldn't do it again. I would just go with a 4-6" suspension lift. As far as the gap, its noticeable but I have husky wheel liners on in now and you don't see any of that at all. The wheel liners cover up any gap youd have Id guess up to a 3" body lift. Probably the best thing Ive bought while doing levels and lifts. But I do like the truck as it sits now. I never wanted it too high, and Ive gained about 4" in the front and 3" in the rear. Measurements from ground to fender are 40.5" front, 42.5" rear.
  3. Not the same, but I have a zone 1.5, and a motofab 2.5 level lift with 2" rear blocks (stock blocks 1") and I still have a 2" rake from front to back. Again, not the same, but every truck seems to have different measurements after levels and lifts. Hopefully you find someone with the same lift.
  4. Good, I was about to buy them from their website if the GB didn't pan out.
  5. Camper shell...??

    Couldn't be happier with my ARE Overland cap. Been truck camping and its been perfect. Love the looks of it too. Havent notice any noise or anything from the Yakima racks either. Def glad I went ahead and jumped for it.
  6. Easiest thing to do is to go to custom offsets website and go to gallery. Theres hundreds of thousands of fitments. You can narrow it down a million ways and find exactly what youre looking for.
  7. You ever hear back from zroadz? Any other mfg that has similar 3" light pods and hood mount brackets?
  8. Ah man, its your truck, and I like the attempt, the truck is just too nice for that IMO. Bottom line though, its yours, you like it that's all that matters. Red Bow Ties might help?
  9. Been looking at the Zroadz mounts all day, we should go for the whole kit - z362081-KIT2 - its the mounts and the 3" cubes together. Currently 253.00 for the package on their website.
  10. The zroadz would be a good one. Curved 50" lights from RC and brackets S&B or K&N CAI Underseat Storage from Husky RC Light Bar Grille
  11. Overland build

    Off topic, sure. But next weekend we are headed up to a state park in MS, and the skeeters will be out for blood. We rented a cabin but the boys want to truck camp. Any safe/effective products out there best for keeping them (mosquitoes, not the boys) out of the camper shell so we can camp with the shell/tailgate open?
  12. Definitely like these, but my bumpers are already black - been a when not if thing getting the front and rear line-x'd. Really wish these were cheaper so I could make a case for these over line x. The price is about the same. Yeah this gives you the option of removal, but it still just seems overpriced for plastic. I wouldn't have to remove the bumpers though to go get them sprayed. Found a website that sells them a little cheaper, but the truckbed abs isn't an option outside of mfg website.
  13. Overland build

    I was told there was a 300lb weight capacity, but Im not sure I buy that. I haven't been up there to know, but I have mounted a loaded down Yakima cargo basket up there with no issues. We've slept in the back of the truck on the bedrug with a self inflating mattress with no issues though.
  14. Overland build

    Yeah, not overlanding, more just doing some truck camping/hiking with my 2 boys in state parks. Been looking at a teardrop camper and if I go that route Ill unload the wheels as part of that whole process.
  15. Overland build

    Been doing the same thing myself. This is where Im at. Looking for a decent 50" LED curved bar that wont break the bank w/ mounts if anyone has any suggestions. Also been looking at the are ascend roof rack, but its pricey.

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