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    2018 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab LT Z71 Standard Box
  1. I've had 2 access lorado soft roll up covers and love them. I have had plenty of leaking, however, it has always been in the front and rear corners. Both covers were professionally installed for what it's worth. Not large leaks, but water would definitely get into the bed.
  2. Maybe a stupid question, is there a way to have the current hvac setting for a 2018 LT display all the time? Mine displays when I change something but then goes away. I'd like it to always show on the screen what settings are active...
  3. Seat Covers

    I bought the Covercraft Carhartt seatsaver for the back seat of my truck. I have a smaller dog/ baby and I wanted the protection. It fits really well and so far has held up well. I liked it enough that I just bought the ones for the front seat, now to find time to install them... https://www.etrailer.com/Seat-Covers/Chevrolet/Silverado+1500/2018/SSC8429CAGY.html?vehicleid=20181364287
  4. If you could find a signal somewhere that runs the DRL's before the diode mod then you would be all set. I just don't know if there is anywhere to grab this signal before your diode mod. I would think someone like pgamboa may know of a location for the DRL signal... otherwise you may just have to pick between blinker always on and your DRL's always on...
  5. In theory the blinkers would be on whenever your DRL's are activated by the BCM. Then when you activate your blinker manually, the signal from the BCM would drop out and you would be left with your standard blinker signal going to the blinker. When you shut off the blinker the BCM signal to the DRL for that side would turn back on and therefor your blinker would light up again. How do you have your DRL's modded to always be on?
  6. Well that throws my plan out the window haha unless you could tap the DRL feed before your mod...
  7. Could you tap power from your DRL for each side to power each blinker through a diode. When the DRL's are on they would power the blinker light and then when you activate that blinker the DRL shuts off so the blinker would function normally? And with the Diode in place, the blinker wouldn't back feed into the DRL's when blinking. You might have to add a diode into the blinker wiring as well so the DRL's don't feed back into the blinker circuit. Maybe Phil or someone with more electrical knowledge could help more...
  8. Awesome, thanks! That's what I figured but wanted to double check. Now the real question, do I want spend the money to upgrade 3 different trailers to match the truck key when they are all already keyed alike just with master locks instead...
  9. Any idea if these will work with 2018 keys? Their site doesn't appear to have been updated for 2018 yet.
  10. Does your roll up tonneau sit inside the bed rails or on top of them? If it sits inside then back rack sells a spacer block (4000 series) to lift your rack over the cover, if it sits on top of the rails then you need a different style adapter (5000 series). They also sell a lower profile back rack if you are going to use an adapter to lift the rack over the tonneau cover. They appear to have it pretty well laid out on their site. https://backrack.ca/tonneau-cover-adaptors.html I have a Line-X roll up cover (sits between rails) and the 4000 series adapter with a headache rack. It works well together however the headache rack was off an older truck so I modified the height of it to work for my truck.
  11. New Member in Massachusetts

    Welcome from a fellow Massachusetts Silverado owner.
  12. As rkj_ said there are a lot of topics already covering this. Anyway, here's my 2018 Crew cab 6.5' box pre and post level, not the best angle pictures... I installed the 2" RC level kit and really like the look of the truck after. Definitely get an alignment no matter what you go with. There's also one with a load on it for reference. So far I still have the original tires but those will probably be upgraded to either the Falken Wildpeak at3w LT275/70R18 or Michellin Defender LTX M/S LT275/70R18 when these wear down enough. Just have to decide if I want a nice highway tire or something a little aggressive looking. Congrats on your new truck, I'm up to 7000 miles and really liking this truck so far. Last vehicle was a 2007 Silverado ext. cab classic so this is a bit of an upgrade even though I loved that truck.
  13. Thank you!!! that should work perfectly. Don't know why I didn't just search Amazon to start with...
  14. Hello all. I have a 2018 Silverado LT CC standard bed. I Line-X'd the bed and have a soft roll up tonneau cover. It gets dark in there so I added two of these motion activated LED light strips. https://www.etrailer.com/Garage-Accessories/Access/A90392.html They work really well and give plenty of light, however, they run off of 3 AA batteries which only last a few months with the amount i'm in and out of the truck bed. I didn't know if anyone on here may know if it's possible to wire these up to a constant 12V power from the truck, probably the +12v at the trailer hitch. I would imagine this would involve reducing the voltage since 3 AA batteries aren't producing 12V, more like 4.5v at full power. I like the way the lights work with the motion activation. I know I could directly wire LED light strips into the bed lighting plug but then they would only come on with the cargo lights. These come on once I open the tailgate and shut off after a little while which I like. Anyway, any help is appreciated. If it's not possible that's fine, i'll get some good rechargeable batteries and go that route. Thanks in advance! Erich

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