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  1. Yeah that's why I went with that pressure, if I never used my truck to tow or carry a load I wouldn't have gone to LT tires or I would run a lower pressure appropriate for the lighter load. With the 40 psi I can tow/ load the bed and not damage the tires. I suppose people could do the chalk test loaded and see what the wear looks like with the lower PSI...
  2. I tend to be of the mindset that it's worth paying a little extra to get a better tire. I used to run Michelin LTX m/s2 stock size on my last silverado and they worked great. I just wanted something a little more aggressive and stiffer for towing so I went to the LT Faulken Wildpeak AT3W. I live on a hobby farm and the stock tires were pretty miserable at driving around the farm after any rain or snow. I didn't expect to start arguments, just wanted to see what people were running for pressures in similar size LT tires. I went with the recommended 40 psi for now and they seem to ride well. The first few miles they were a little rough, but now they are quite smooth, better than I was expecting them to be honestly. We got some snow last night and the definitely grip better than other tires I have had. Anyway, good luck to everyone with your tires. As long as they work for you then be happy with them. Thank you all for the helpful input.
  3. Thanks TXGREEK, Thats the same chart I had found on Toyo's website and appears to give the same result of around 40 PSI for the correct weight rating for my truck. I'll start there and perform the chalk test as a sanity check.
  4. The first was a nail within the first 300 miles on the truck, dealer was nice enough to plug for me no questions. The second was a 2 inch metal roofing screw, replaced with a new stock tire since the screw was in the outer edge of the tread and only 5000 miles at the time. The third was my fault, clipped a corner cement wall buried under snow while pulling into a parking spot before a hockey game.
  5. So I managed to rip a hole in the sidewall of my stock tire and since this was my third flat I decided it was a good time to upgrade to some LT tires. I ended up with Faulken Wildpeak AT3W's LT 275-70-R18. Love The look of them on the truck, really gives it just a little more attitude. The tech suggested running them at the pressure recommended on the door but I know that's not right since the LT tires should take more psi for the same load rating. According to a chart I found on Toyo's website I should be around 40psi. I just wanted to know if anyone has run this size and what they run for a psi front and rear. I have a 2018 Silverado 1500 CC 6.5' bed with 2in level. Thanks for any advice, here's the new tires.
  6. Very Nice looking truck, how'd you install the light behind the grill? Do you have the active shutters?
  7. I did a 2" Rough Country level and had my dealer specifically check the lights during an oil change. They claimed the lights were pointed correctly. I don't really believe them since I do get flashed quite a bit. Thanks for posting how to adjust, I will have to check it myself and adjust accordingly.
  8. I've had 2 access lorado soft roll up covers and love them. I have had plenty of leaking, however, it has always been in the front and rear corners. Both covers were professionally installed for what it's worth. Not large leaks, but water would definitely get into the bed.
  9. Maybe a stupid question, is there a way to have the current hvac setting for a 2018 LT display all the time? Mine displays when I change something but then goes away. I'd like it to always show on the screen what settings are active...
  10. I bought the Covercraft Carhartt seatsaver for the back seat of my truck. I have a smaller dog/ baby and I wanted the protection. It fits really well and so far has held up well. I liked it enough that I just bought the ones for the front seat, now to find time to install them... https://www.etrailer.com/Seat-Covers/Chevrolet/Silverado+1500/2018/SSC8429CAGY.html?vehicleid=20181364287
  11. If you could find a signal somewhere that runs the DRL's before the diode mod then you would be all set. I just don't know if there is anywhere to grab this signal before your diode mod. I would think someone like pgamboa may know of a location for the DRL signal... otherwise you may just have to pick between blinker always on and your DRL's always on...
  12. In theory the blinkers would be on whenever your DRL's are activated by the BCM. Then when you activate your blinker manually, the signal from the BCM would drop out and you would be left with your standard blinker signal going to the blinker. When you shut off the blinker the BCM signal to the DRL for that side would turn back on and therefor your blinker would light up again. How do you have your DRL's modded to always be on?
  13. Well that throws my plan out the window haha unless you could tap the DRL feed before your mod...
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