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  1. I'd sell the new magnaride struts for $700 shipped. These are new GM's not aftermarket stuff
  2. http://www.xineering.com/shocksims.html Found a company making bypass modules for the z95 suspension
  3. Same here. Developed a bad shudder and dealer replaced torque converter. No issues since
  4. Gm just put a new torque converter in my 2015 denali 6.2 with 80k on it when then clunk became a bad shudder. Not sure if they did anything else while they had it but no clunk since getting it back
  5. Equal flexx in my 40x14.50R24's with decent results. Aftershock vibration for a few seconds after hitting hard bumps but nothing major
  6. Not so easy to remove magnaride. Finally found these modules so I can delete mine and do the lift I want. http://www.xineering.com/shocksims.html If you want I have brand new oem magneride struts my local dealer just put on my truck 50 miles ago I'd sell ya
  7. Just picked up a 2015 denali sierra 6.2. Going to delete all the magnaride and ordered lift and blacking everything out but I think now that I have been checking out your thread going to do orange accents and suspension
  8. Starting a new build. 2015 Gmc Sierra 1500 Denali 6.2 So far just removing crap that was on the truck and ordering parts. Going 9" lift with 3" body lift 24x12 vision rockers with 37x13.50R24 trail blade XT's Blacking everything out so if anybody has black window moldings , door handles and mirror trim send me message. Willing to buy or trade for my chrome stuff
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