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  1. Black paint swirls

    How many wash mitts are you using? Are you using the same wash mitt on the paint as you are on the tires? If you're getting serious swirls like you claim then you are washing your truck improperly or you're using crap towels to dry off your truck. To minimize the amount of swirls you want three buckets. One bucket dedicated to the tires/wheels, one bucket for soap, and one bucket for rinsing off the mitt. You want one wash mitt for the upper section of your truck and one wash mitt for the lower section. You also need one wash mitt dedicated to tires/wheels only. You then want to use good quality micro fiber towels (get them from autogeek.net). Additionally, never take your car through a car wash that has anything that touches the paint, don't use quick detailers or california duster. Swirls are inevitable but they can be extremely minimised with proper washing/drying technique. To start from scratch you're going to need to claybar then do a paint correction then use the aforementioned process above. Autogeek.net has a forum and videos that will walk you through it.
  2. Catastrophic failure

    They are replacing the whole engine so I would think you should be in the clear for a while. Will this problem happen again? Who knows. Could the oil pump have cause the issue with the lifters? Quite possibly. Could the lifters have failed due to the AFM? Perhaps. In the end you have a brand new engine so anything on the previous engine will not cause any issues with the new engine. It's up to you whether to keep it or not.
  3. I just had a spray on liner done at the dealership I bought the truck from. The brand they use is Toff and it has a lifetime warranty. They were going to charge $575 to do it but the sales people had told me it was $495 and so the body shop matched that price. $495 is the price that the GMC Accessories page says the spray on liner costs so you may be able to have your dealership do the same.
  4. VIN Decoder & RPO Codes

    I just did this for my new to me 2017. Worked like a charm! Thanks.
  5. Understandable. I had a 2009 Malibu and GM had redesigned their halogen headlights/housings and it produced an amazing result (Compared to my '99 Grand Am and '01 Corvette). I'm not 100% on the specs but I believe HIDs produce 3000 lumens whereas typically halogens produce around 1400. Lumens is the brightness of the light so HID's are over 2x as bright as a typical halogen. I believe the halogens GM used in my Malibu were actually rated at 3000 lumens... but they did not have a projector. A projector makes a world of difference for the headlights. It offers an even light pattern with little to no hot spots (darker area's on the ground where the light doesn't illuminate the ground). Another thing you have to get used to is the color temperature of the headlights. HID's from the factory are around 4300-5000k. This produces a white light (think sunlight). Halogens on the other hand are typically around 2700-3200k which produces more of a yellow light. Most people are used to halogens and therefore like the yellow light better; however, OEM HIDs offer true daylight color which for some is far superior. Halogens have definitely come a long way in the past 10 years but I feel HIDs are superior.
  6. Why not drive with the HID's and see how you like them instead of what people on the internet say? HIDs produce better light output than halogens. I imagine most of the people complaining are people who aren't used to HIDs or know very little about them.
  7. Try this. Turn the radio off. Then set the memory for whatever key fob you're using. Turn off the truck and then start it back up. See if that fixes your symptoms. I'm thinking it's related to the memory feature as it saves your radio stations and such. It could be turning the radio on as that's how it's programmed in the memory.

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