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  1. Glad to hear the pics were useful. A lot of people online tell me it’s just copying the raptor, but this looks so slick coming the road when you see it lit up in person and I have come across other 19 Silverado owners who ordered one right after seeing mine.
  2. Not a real “cold start” but here’s a teaser. I will try to post an actual cold start and some revs when it’s not storming anymore, just didn’t have time before the rain hit. borla s type with carbon fiber tips on a 5.3. Full disclosure, it’s paired with a K&N 63 series intake.
  3. Not much...side shot and view from the cab...barely visible
  4. Right now it’s only with the parking lights on or when I put the fog lights on as well. You can wire to always be on if you connect to one of the yellow wires if you look back to my wiring picture. Just be careful about local laws if you choose always on. Though, some states require amber clearance lights for vehicles over 80 inches wide and the 2019 1500 just happens to come in at 81.2, so you should be safe.
  5. Wiring was super easy...total install time was 10 minutes. The instructions they send are not vehicle specific, but basically follow the same. They give you what you need to tap the parking lamp wires. Just pull the plug from the driver side headlight and see pics below for which wires to tap. Positive is purple and ground is black. Added a couple quick night shots, will get a better one tomorrow night.
  6. Went for it myself....might not be for everyone, but I like it..
  7. Actually looking to install this very soon. Can any show me in a picture which wire is the correct parking lamp wire that I am supposed to tap to connect the light strip?
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