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  1. Just put 1.5" level in front and new Rough Country Running Boards Blacked out Emblems
  2. These are my tail lights I color matched for my truck. Here the clear lens is off and I had just painted the metallic pieces. I have a thread showing my headlights and tail lights finished.
  3. How does it look with the paint and did you paint it or had someone else paint it? I am planning on doing my grille which is a different material than a bumper so hopefully it works out well. Still haven't pulled the trigger yet but will soon lol
  4. These are stock 22" wheels
  5. The headlights are actually fairly easy to open. I've done this on my previous truck to do a retrofit and now this truck. The temperature or time may slightly vary due to size of light, amount of glue and so on. But average of what I've read is around 250-275 for 7-10 min. Just make sure to never leave them in there too long, you can always re heat the glue. The tail lights on the other hand were a pain because they use a tougher glue on these. You will need to put it on higher heat for a longer period of time. As for the smell, I never found it to be too bad and the overall mess is not bad as well.
  6. These are the tail lights Took the same process of baking to open them. Color matched then masked parts off that wanted to keep color matched then painted other parts metallic. finished product on truck
  7. This is some pics of the process it took to color match some after market head and tail lights I got for my tungsten Silverado I baked them in the oven to open them up. Panted the plastics to match my truck then masked off the areas that I wanted to keep color matched. Painted the rest metallic. This is the plastic back in the housing Compared to original headlight After adding the halos to it
  8. Bother are black aftermarket lights I got on ebay that I color matched to my tungsten metallic Silverado. Halos were bought on theretrofitsource site.
  9. How much do you like it so far? Ive thought about getting it painted just wasn't sure about all the chips it might get.
  10. Hey i know this post is kinda old. I have a high country the same color and was looking to color match the grille like this. Is this painted or vinyl wrapped?
  11. I just recently purchased a 2014 tungsten metallic high country and was looking into getting the grille and headlight trim color matched. Im sure there are several posts talking about this but i am new to the site and havent quite figured out how to navigate it. If you have any information on doing this by doing it on your truck or know someone who has done it, it would be greatly appreciated. Ive looked into vinyl wrap and read that it doesnt match perfect. All of the posts ive read were a few years old so i wasnt sure if it still didnt match well. I was also looking into painting it. If you want to tag any other posts about this topic that would be awesome too. Thanks in advance
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