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  1. Yes! Goggle it One site has the complete court filing, its good reading. One person describes the 8 speed as a disaster! Its about time ,thank god we live in the USA And we the people bailed out GM and this is what they give us? Totally unacceptable. I am in the middle of a GM buy back, not MSRP to MSRP , I want out of GM Vehicles. My last repair order stated no further repairs available. You cant stand behind your product?? Its like the 80's when US cars sucked and people flocked to foreign vehicles . Hate to say it but I may be shopping for a Tacoma when all is said and done. Good luck to all with 8 speed issues and feel free to post!
  2. 2017 Canyon 8 Speed Absolutely Horrible

    Update After a trans flush appointment and a reprogram appointment (now I have a shift flare between 2-3-4) (I did have convertor replaced first) The shudder is still there along with rpms fluctuating 2-300 rpms. dealer was in touch with TAC and the reply was "no further repairs available" Just filed with BBB. Its a shame could be a nice truck.
  3. 8 Speed Automatic Issues

    Hi I have a 2017 GMC Canyon Shudder started at 8000 miles . Torque convertor was replaced . Shudder slowly came back at 200-300 miles after convertor change .Shudder is worse now then before. Back to dealer for 2nd time they did adaptive shift update. Picked up vehicle last Wednesday shudder is still there and now I have an rpm flare when it shifts gears. I have another appointment for next Wednesday. I am waiting for 4 tries to fix this problem then I am filing for Lemon Law. The dealer has nothing to loose if you file for Lemon Law,its GM that has to pay you back what was paid for vehicle out the door less mileage. Its hard not to get upset at dealer but they are doing the best they can. They are doing what GM tells them to do . I hope your issue doesn't reappear. Let me know if it does. Thanks
  4. Is anyone not having issues with the 8 speed transmission in 2017+ Canyon/Colorado models? Just thought I would throw that out there to see how many are and are not having issues. I had my convertor changed at 8k and within 300 miles shudder is back with a vengeance . Thanks
  5. Any one out there with the 8 speed transmission not having issues?? Just thought I would throw that out there to see how many are having problems and how many are not. Thanks
  6. 2017 Canyon 8 Speed Absolutely Horrible

    Let me throw this out there-does anyone have the 8 speed transmission with out any issues? Thanks
  7. 2017 Canyon 8 Speed Absolutely Horrible

    After about 300 miles shudder is back. And yes it was the "updated" convertor which was installed. Back to dealer again this Thursday. That will be 2nd try and counting. I am really disappointed in this vehicle. I have to go thru the motions before I can do anything. Trust me a real fix would be outstanding as it could be a nice truck.
  8. 2017 Canyon 8 Speed Absolutely Horrible

    Had Torque Convertor changed and cooler flush per bulletin 18-na-177 . All is good, no shudder seems to shift a lot better. Dealer did a fine job as to getting me a loaner vehicle to keeping me informed as to what was going on. I didn't buy the vehicle there but it was closer to me than selling dealer. None the less they treated me like I bought it there. Very impressed
  9. 2017 Canyon 8 Speed Absolutely Horrible

    I made an appointment at a different dealer than the selling dealer, which told me they currently had no transmission tech.And to get back to them in 2 weeks they should have someone by then.I felt uncomfortable with a "newbie" trying to tackle the issue. I have had them do warranty work on my prior GM truck-they were excellent.
  10. 2017 Canyon 8 Speed Absolutely Horrible

    Also if this helps, For what ever reason the shudder seems more prevalent with a 1/4 tank or so of fuel on board. Its sounds crazy (could be) but that's what im seeing. Extra weight with a full tank than a 1/4 tank ? Don't know but if I take a trip an run it down to a 1/4 tank shudder is more prevalent. Maybe its a trans temp issue on a long run-
  11. 2017 Canyon 8 Speed Absolutely Horrible

    Thanks for your reply. How ironic I have turned 8000 miles today shudder slowly getting worse. I made appointment with dealer today. Its a shame because it could be a nice transmission- Also there is a new TSB 18-na-177 came out in June, for Colorado and Canyon stating a convertor replacement in stead of a flush. Its hard to find it on internet but there is a Colorado /Canyon group called #700 misfits.. Goggle it and the TSB is posted on the blog section of site. I hope that helps you. Good luck!
  12. 2017 Canyon 8 Speed Absolutely Horrible

    I got rid of a 2004 Silverado Step side. Regular cab. It had 134k no other issues but rockers were starting to rust out. I figured it was time to let it go. Should have fixed rockers and kept it.
  13. 2017 Canyon 8 Speed Absolutely Horrible

    I am going to bring it in for service. No where in my post said I am not going to. My selling dealer currently has no transmission tech. I have to wait 2 weeks and get back to them. I did say I dread going to the dealer for transmission issues at 7 thousand miles. That shouldn't happen. Id be more than pleased if they can fix it!
  14. 2017 Canyon 8 Speed Absolutely Horrible

    What are you saying? It has to break down -not run for lemon law? There are bulletins on the exact issue I am having- If it cant be corrected after 4 attempts I am sure the lemon law would come into play There are more issues with 1/2 ton 8 speeds - Bigger truck -quicker to have shudder
  15. 2017 Canyon 8 Speed Absolutely Horrible

    That's the feeling I am getting with the posts in here. Its the unfixable. But 4 tries in CT should qualify for the lemon law I hate to just flat out trade it,ill take a beating. I should have bought a 2016 with the 6 speed- Which GM vehicles have the 10 speed?

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