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  1. Chris, will this be the same for me when I get mine back from you? This was an early 15. Just wondering if I should contact @pgamboa now to get that harness ordered.
  2. GM certified front camera

    @GTPprix and @pgamboa did you ever come up a simplified solution for this? As in just tying in a camera and switch? When I get my HMI back from Chris I might want to give this a go.
  3. Hi Phil. I have an early '15 Silverado 2500HD and am considering both a console swap and a DL8 to DQS chrome mirror upgrade. I was shopping Ebay for decent mirrors but just to not overlook any possibilities, any idea how much these mirrors would be through your source? Dan
  4. Did you retain steering wheel control functionality? What year is your truck?

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