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  1. Evening everyone. I am looking for input on a build I am going to be starting. I have a 1968 Chevy C50. I am going to be dropping the cab onto a 3/4 ton pickup frame and going to be going with a twin turbo build. I am trying to source the best block setup for this. I will be going for a high horsepower fuel injected build. Haven't decided on a transmission yet. Any advice or pointers are appreciated. Thanks I brought up the LY6 first because I have a buddy with GM and he recommends that over an LQ.
  2. Hey guys, I own a 1968 C50 with a 366 - Im trying to make sure that the firing order is the same as a normal big block - I have had a few people say that due to the backwards rotating cam, that the firing order will be different. and of course the other half say the firing order will be basic Big Block Chevy. Link with photos since they limit what I can upload - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1q_o4enxv1rXNMH2gHdiIiTDhdH2GV6U-?usp=sharing Backstory - We couldn't get the distributor to drop in so we figured we had slack in the timing chain so stuff wasn't lining up. Long story short I took it apart to do the timing chain and throw a new oil pump in. I finally got the timing cover off and SURPRISE, no timing chain.. the truck is straight gear driven. The gears looked fine to me so I lined everything up and I messed around for an hour and FINALLY dropped the distributor in as close as I could get it. So as it sits right now I just need to crimp and run my new accel plug wires and press the harmonic balancer back on Thanks in advance for any help. I didn't want to press the gear over to a new distributor so I just got a new cap, rotor, contacts, etc
  3. Hello, as the title states. I installed LED Switchbacks for my turn signals, and I installed LED Marker and LED Running lights on the front of my truck. After I installed these I didn't have much of an issue that I noticed, But I unplugged one of the marker lights while we were cruising last night because the socket is a little messed up and would not stay on.. After that I noticed that my headlights were not flashing when I unlocked the truck like they use too.. All the lights would usually flash when I unlocked my truck (except for the DRL) My radio also was acting funny as the Bluetooth was all spotty and wouldn't stay connected. and it no longer works, it refuses to connect to my phone. Would this be "LED Interference" as I have heard little parts about before? if anyone has anything that could help me it would be appreciated.
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