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  1. I asked something similar earlier. Is there confirmed cases where pump was an issue when only synthetic oil was used since new?
  2. Has anyone went aftermarket? Is there an aftermarket version? Curious if the aftermarket have issues? Does synthetic oil make it last longer? I don’t know much about it so trying to learn for when I get one.
  3. This is great news. I still have an 08 XL but have wanted to upgrade and saw people have this issue often.
  4. Thank you all. I was about to buy a 2015 LTZ or a Yukon XL they both did this and I heard it. It bugged me but the sales guy was talking so I thought it was in my head. I have driven an 09 Ram 1500 for 7 years and sold it for something bigger. It rhode great but the transfer case was going out and caused rogue vibrations. The last thing I would want is to throw down 40k and find out I have this buffeting business. I might just buy a 2014 or older instead. It works out nice as I was dreading the payments anyway. Thanks again!
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