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  1. The problem is that I have the OEM drop-in liner which does not have a cutout for the stake hole. Like I said - no big deal if I have to punch a hole in the liner to access the stake hole, I was just curious if there was an option out there that doesn't use the stake hole for install.
  2. Hi everyone. Just picked up my first truck - 2018 LT Z71. Love everything about it - and wanted to first say thanks to all the great info I've gotten here already. I want to pick up a low profile tonneau cover that rolls, so I don't lose too much bed space when its rolled up. The first couple I've looked at (Tonno Pro & Truxedo) both have a rail clamp that is installed inside the rear stake holes. I have a drop-in bedliner that covers that hole and I was wondering if anyone knows of any roll tonneau covers that do NOT require a clamp to be installed using the stake holes. Not a big deal, but I would rather not drill if I don't have to. I "think" the bak Revolver cover doesn't use the stake holes, but its a little outside of what I wanted to pay. Thanks for any help!

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