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  1. See my response to OP... I think so much depends on individual circumstances. The 4.3 will no doubt be working harder than a 5.3 and 6.2. No arguing that. However, the specs are the specs, and if you stay within posted limits and drive with due regard I would and respect your limits, you should be safe. I have my family with me, don't have much for mountains to tackle, and only camp a couple weeks year. I'm content to plot along a little above the speed limit. I can still pass, even in hilly country, and I still feel in control. But...I've also never driven a 3500 dually 5th wheel, so I don't exactly know what I'm missing if that makes sense.
  2. I have a 2014 Sierra DC V6 4x4 and trailer a 2006 Outback 29BHS trailer. Dry weight on the trailer is 5250lbs. Both were just purchased in July, first the truck and the camper a couple weeks later. I was very hesitant to go with this large of a camper but the price and conditioner was just too good to pass on. I need to be very aware of what I load of course, and a weight distributing hitch and trailer brake controller are a must as well. I'm in the Northeast US...so no worries about crossing the Continental divide, but not exactly Florida flat either. The terrain you travel will have a huge impact on your experience. Also, we only do a few trips a year totalling less than 1200 miles total. As you said, the build of the trucks are the same as the ones with larger engines. In my limited experience, I've never felt unsafe or as if I was over working my truck. I was starting to get concerned about transmission temps once last summer in 90° F temps in the Finger lakes, to me an anomaly but something to be mindful of (might lead to an external cooler or maybe a thermostat delete, we'll see). If I could have found or afforded a V8 crew cab in my price range with similar miles and condition would I still have bought my DC V6? No way! But like you said, life doesn't always work out like we want or plan. Stay within posted limits on the roads and your equipment, be careful, and all should work out just fine!
  3. OEM keyless

    I believe the Silverado W/T is the same as the Sierra Base? I'll check out those threads and see if I missed anything, I thought when I looked previously everything I found was on the 2013 and older trucks or 2500 series. Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, I've tried searching and I couldn't find a clear answer... everything I found was for the last ten trucks I think I just picked up a 2014 Sierra DC base with electric locks but no keyless. I read that if it's got certain RPO codes I can buy key fobs and have a dealer flash them to add keyless entry to me truck. I called my local GMC dealer, where they transferred me to the parts department, took my VIN and said since there wasn't a kit or part that was compatible with that VIN then I couldn't add it. Not sure they understood my question. Any more insight? Or am I going to have to go aftermarket? Thanks!
  5. Crew cab vs double cab

    I just picked up a Double Cab Sierra last month, and I have 3 year old twin boys in front facing seats. I'm 6'1" average build. I think I'm in the sweet spot for a DC...it wouldn't have worked 2 years ago, but it works now, and I think it should work for us the next 5-6 years. Cost was the deciding factor for me. My Jeep was on it's way out, we just bought a house, and this truck was in great shape. I could have spent the same and bought an older crew with more miles. I know my family will outgrow a DC V6 down the road, but I'll be due for a new truck by then anyway. At the end of the day, you gotta buy the truck that works for you and your budget.

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