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  1. Yes sir, General performance. Maybe something that could increase mpg
  2. Hey guys, new to the forum and dont know much about vehicles so bear with me. I bought a 2013 chevy silverado 1500 6.2L about a year ago. E85 is abundant and cheap where i am from so 90% of the time i run E85, unless im in the middle of nowhere and the local gas station doesnt have it.Truck is leveled and my average mpg on e85 is 12.75, but will run 14-14.5mpg on highway. Tires are starting to go bad and i plan to go to a 265/70 r18 tire, a little bigger than the 265/65 r18 stock tire. i am going to get a tuner to calibrate the bigger tires so speedo and odometer are correct. My question is are there any e85 tuners/tunes out there? i have been researching but cant seem to find anyone talking about a tuner you can plug in for e85. Any help would be appreciated!

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