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  1. Havent been able to find the uy2 wiring provisions camper harness on my 2018 3500. Anybody have any insight as to where it may be stashed?
  2. Funny thing is I most likely wont need it but its there if I do. I had the grill and wanted mount the heater cord without cutting/drilling/or screwing anything into actual truck.
  3. https://www.amazon.com/NOCO-GCP1-125V-Integrated-Extension/dp/B009ANV81S
  4. Thanks. Got the plug here, its a Noco Genius plug . I made the bracket that fits behind the grill. Used cardboard for test template then I fabricated bracket out of a a piece of .05 thick sheet metal. I sheered the plate to be square. Press Punched (easily could of drilled if needed)four holes for the rivets once I determined correct placement, the riveted holes attach the plate to grill. Then Press punched a 2" hole in center of plate (a hole saw would of worked if I didn't have the punch) and then used an Air Grinder to cut out a 2" hole in grill. Found proper placement for the Noco Genuis mounting holes and drilled those holes for mounting plug. If I had to do it again I would of cut hole in grill bigger so that plug mounted flat onto mounting plate.
  5. Just got done installing a lower grill I got from Mountains to Metal and took the opportunity to use grill as a platform for my Block heater plug.
  6. Yes Loaded. I'd be willing to bet sh will get better mileage then the Tundra.
  7. 2018 Denali HD 3500 long box. Picking her up Saturday. Front side windows being tinted this morning.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Yup, im going Diesel. I found a 2018 Long Box 3500 Duramax Denali for 66K. Still dealing.
  9. I get the GMS discount through my employer and am looking at some GMC trucks. Question is does the GMS discount actually give me the best pricing available or are there better bargains to be had out there? Thanks
  10. Thats to be determined as I don't have the camper yet. I have a 2006 Tundra set up (airbags, 10 ply tires) to do this with but after years of waiting to get a pop up camper and having a close call while towing the boat I've decided that more is better, which brings me to the 2500HD.
  11. thanks for the reply.. Will be Hauling a hard side slide in camper around and towing a 3600LB aLuminum boat. Other than that no actual heavy hauling or towing.
  12. Looking into a new GMC. Have one spec'd out, Long bed, Crew cab, 2500HD, with a Vortex V8. I picked the Gas motor because with it being my daily driver and my commute is maybe 15 min one way, ive been told that may be harder on a Diesel since it would barely warm up on that short distance. Is this unfounded and something I shouldn't be worried about and go with the Duramax? I will add that with the way Ive spec'd out my GMC I would have to order a 2019 as no one can find one as ive built it.
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