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  1. I was at the dealer last week for a different problem and when the service writer was booking me in he said my 2017 1500 has a recall but it is not ready yet. He said it was the vacuum pump problem. I did a VIN search on the gm recall website and it shows that this problem is a recall now but no fix yet. Just wondering if anyone else has ran their VIN on the recall page?
  2. Thanks for the update, keep us posted.
  3. Just wondering if you got this fixed? My 17 silverado does this and it feels like it has excessive endplay on the rear axles. Asked the dealer for an end play spec and got no reply. I have owned many trucks before and know they are floating axles in the rear but this one is really noisy.
  4. Thanks for the reply, I will take a look around for the pics. Thanks again.
  5. I wonder if the pump is being replaced with an updated pump or just a replacement of the same faulty part that will fail again down the road?
  6. I removed mine before I oil sprayed the truck. You can buy 3m double sided tape and put a new piece on. That's what I had to do when reinstalling. Hope that helps.
  7. I got the letter also for my 2017. Not liking the idea that it is not a recall.
  8. I have the exact build of truck and mine has done the same thing from new, of course dealer could not duplicate. only cold , light throttle for a block or two then its gone. I have 8000 kms on it.
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