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  1. If you really look these trucks over, you’ll see a lot of these sheet metal flaws.
  2. I’m a Ford guy, but was sick of Fords styling. I kept getting a same ole same ole vibe. Ever since the new Silverado was announced, I loved the styling, now it sits in my driveway.
  3. The roofs on these things are paper thin, it is more than likely the roof flexing.
  4. Good point, just makes no sense. Only complaint I have with my Trail Boss.
  5. It's bound to happen unfortunately. I drove through a field today with somewhat tall grass. Afterwards, for giggles, I crawled under the truck, and noticed where the wax coating had rubbed off... From grass/weeds, not limbs, sticks, etc.. I'm a Ford guy....was....have had them all my life, and I have to say other than this wax "protective" coating, I love my Trail Boss. If you use the truck, the coating will come off, no question. But come on GM, this stuff is not good. I suspect they know that. It's either a cost cutting feature, or planned obsolescence, in order to get you back into the market place.
  6. Is the raised bolt in the image (to the left of the hood strut in the image) the designated spot to hook up a ground/negative to when using an air compressor?
  7. So true. Let the dealer mess with it, and more than likely something else will be off, or you'll come out of the deal with a ding/scratch.
  8. I gaurantee it. Get some one that says their truck is perfect, then get someone that has OCD, or is a quality inspector, and I gaurantee they'll find something wrong.
  9. I test drove numerous trucks and felt this. Some more pronounced than others depending on mileage. I think it is due to the computer and how it reacts/learns your driving patterns. My truck did this the first 100 miles then subsided. Dealer said the computer was relearning as they just reflashed the computer.
  10. Hopefully we'll see the option to disable the power tailgate feature in the future via a software update.
  11. Does anyone know if it's possible to disable the auto tailgate open from the key fob? I'd prefer not to have it drop on a car in a crowded parking lot, or have it open when my truck is in my garage. If my 3 yr old gets ahold of my keys, it could be bad news for the tailgate+garage door. The feature is cool, but give me a solid manual tailgate, that will still function when the battery is dead.
  12. Good call. The paint on the front bumper is paper thin, as is the clear coat.
  13. Great mpg, what was your average speed, 65?
  14. I have a similar sound, but mine sounds like a loose clip shifting when I come to a sudden stop, turn sharp etc. I've learned long ago to not let interior noises/rattles irritate me. If you let them, the dealer will end up tearing apart the interior, and I gaurantee it'll never be the same. Noise may be gone but you're left with ill fitting panels, and scratches everywhere.
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