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  1. Bed misaligned

    So true. Let the dealer mess with it, and more than likely something else will be off, or you'll come out of the deal with a ding/scratch.
  2. Bed misaligned

    I gaurantee it. Get some one that says their truck is perfect, then get someone that has OCD, or is a quality inspector, and I gaurantee they'll find something wrong.
  3. I test drove numerous trucks and felt this. Some more pronounced than others depending on mileage. I think it is due to the computer and how it reacts/learns your driving patterns. My truck did this the first 100 miles then subsided. Dealer said the computer was relearning as they just reflashed the computer.
  4. Hopefully we'll see the option to disable the power tailgate feature in the future via a software update.
  5. Does anyone know if it's possible to disable the auto tailgate open from the key fob? I'd prefer not to have it drop on a car in a crowded parking lot, or have it open when my truck is in my garage. If my 3 yr old gets ahold of my keys, it could be bad news for the tailgate+garage door. The feature is cool, but give me a solid manual tailgate, that will still function when the battery is dead.
  6. Good call. The paint on the front bumper is paper thin, as is the clear coat.
  7. Trail Boss MPG Competition

    Great mpg, what was your average speed, 65?
  8. noise from roof - pop

    I have a similar sound, but mine sounds like a loose clip shifting when I come to a sudden stop, turn sharp etc. I've learned long ago to not let interior noises/rattles irritate me. If you let them, the dealer will end up tearing apart the interior, and I gaurantee it'll never be the same. Noise may be gone but you're left with ill fitting panels, and scratches everywhere.
  9. Any particular way you apply? I'm assuming since I have no rust on the areas rubbed off, I can just wipe clean with a rag, then spray?
  10. I wanted a low optioned LT Trail Boss, only has the safety package. They are hard to find without 5k-8k worth of options. I'm pleased with it, would have liked more off, but I got a good offer on my trade and it was one of only four LT Trail Bosses within 150 miles with an MSRP of under 51k. Good luck with your search!
  11. LT Trail Boss MSRP 50,7xx, after rebates and dealer discount 40,6xx.
  12. I don't believe I've posted pictures of the spots. They are no bigger than a finger tip, and would just need a quick spray. No rust has formed on the smudges. Sounds good, I might as well just go with the Nox Rust.
  13. Hi all, I picked up a 2019 Trail Boss a week or so ago, and I have to say I'm having a ball with it. This is my first GM vehicle after owning Ford all of my life. I had one question, what is the best way to touch up the frame? The only negative in my eyes is the wax coated frame. I have a few small sections where the wax has rubbed off more than likely during assembly. I was going to purchase the Daubert Nox Rust aerosol spray, but I would prefer using something a bit less toxic. Can I clean the effected areas, then spray/brush on oil to protect the bare metal? Main thing is, I don't want the oil to react with the wax coating, and begin to loosen/flake off. Any particular oil? I'm going to the ocean in a few months and want to make sure the nicks on my frame are good and coated. I'll be driving on the beach a good bit, but will avoid the direct salt water. Appreciate it!
  14. Looks great!! How is the fit and finish? Does the 5.3 feel like it has any more pep than previous years? Although you may have the 6.2, if so disregard. Any noticeable flaws or issues after having it a few days?
  15. It is a good deal, and I do like the truck, but I have had so many new Ford's I'm kind of getting the been there done that vibe. If I get that truck, it'll be my 4th car with the 5.0 engine, while a good engine, I just want something different haha. I hope the Custom Trail Boss goes into production soon.

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