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  1. I read about the elevation here I believe, the issue is that you need to move up to the at4 to be able to get it fully loaded like you can do with slt/denali trim levels any idea when the at4 are gonna show up at the lots? I have a ton of denali / slt already in town at the dealers.
  2. I bet they are plenty capable for starbucks :-) I will probably never go offroad other than some dirty road driving, I'm mostly interested in the AT4 because of the looks, can't convince myself to like all the chrome and the 22" on a denali!
  3. I was comparing to what a raptor which costs ~70K fully loaded, vs an at4 that should come closer to 60K (if you include the discounts I"m seeing on the denali/slt)! AT4 is really the first aggressive looking truck that's also fully loaded like the top level trims, other than the raptor.
  4. seems like there seems to be a lot of hate towards the at4, I really like it tough. honestly while most of the people want off road capable I'm in for the looks really! It's plenty capable to go to walmart and starbucks :-) jokes aside, I'm in for a fully loaded family vehicle truck for ski trips and I want the cargo space for regular home owner stuff... but I do hate you have to live with 22" wheels and lots of chrome if you want a fully loaded trucks! the only thing I'd change is to try to fit some larger tires, that's the only think I guess they missed in the at4! curious to see
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