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  1. Got a part # that will work? I can figure out the trim pieces myself probably but I didn't want to rely on the dealership part guy to order the right part the first time. I've looked at, and printed out the parts fiche drawing, but there are so many versions I wasn't sure which one to order.
  2. I'm looking to replace the driver's seat base (frame) in 3500HD WT with one that is height adjustable. The OE base is manually adjustable fore and aft, and for seat back inclination. My wife can't see over the long hood. I don't want to go with the riser rails available on Ebay as those would elevate me too high. So basically I'm looking for someone that has a 3 way adjustable manual seatbase on their truck to contact me so I can get the right part, the first time. If your manual seat has fore and aft, seat back inclination, as well as vertical height, send me a PM so we can discuss off thread. Thanks in advance. Slim
  3. As an old cameraman who's cleaned plenty of lenses for a living, allow me to offer some humble advice. Glass lenses are pretty durable but sometimes the coatings used on them are not. I don't know what the lenses for the backup cameras are made from, most likely plastic so they may be even more fragile. I definitely would not recommend Goof Off or ammonia based cleaners like Windex. Many solvents maybe harmful. If you get a new camera, I'd recommend some plastic safe cleaner. I use Novus 1 on my motorcycle visor and it works good. One thing to remember is to try to blow or flush off any grit or dirt on the lens before you clean it. (I use a dampened 100% terrycloth towel to loosen the bugs before I clean it.) Otherwise no cleaner can prevent the lens from being scratched. Good luck and I hope this helps.
  4. Sorry for the necropost. I hope it's alright. I've got a Work Truck with rubber floor mats and no mounting nubs for floor mats. I've got the Chevy OE left and right front rubber mats (#19302937) but they slide around and don't really cover the floor. We tow a big 5'er and track in a lot of debris. I was originally going for Weathertechs but after reading a lot of the threads on here I'm leaning toward the Husky X-act Contours. My basic question is this... Will the Huskys fit securely especially on the driver's side and not slide around even if I don't have the mounting nubs?
  5. I've got a 3500Hd and pull a 8 ton 5'er. My truck is "raked" with no load because the helper springs don't come into play. I don't know if that's the same as a 2500. With the 5'er attached the bed is level and the trailer is ever so slightly downhill to the rear. Of course you can adjust the height on your 5th wheel hitch to level your 5'er when you tow. I think that's what I would worry about.
  6. I like the spartan vinyl seats in my '16 worktruck crewcab. They seem very durable and supportive. Other than building material errands, and motorcycle hauling it is used almost exclusively for towing a heavy 5th wheel. Since the seats are not vertically adjustable my wife doesn't sit high enough in the truck for adequate vision over the hood. I really want to keep the vinyl seat itself but I was wondering if I could substitute an adjustable seat base from the parts dept or the salvage yard to give her a usable drivers seat. I've looked at aftermarket seats like Bostrom or Knoedler, but it seems nothing is available for pickups, only medium and heavy duty trucks. I don't care about the heating or the vent working... just want a vertically adjustable seat, preferable powered. Pgamboa or Harlech feel free to chime in here.
  7. Yes turning the volume down also silences Waze voice directions. I guess pausing your media player would be a workaround too. Today as I was driving and being annoyed, I wondered if I stuck a dummy 1/8' stereo plug in and selected "Aux" would that work? I can't believe the software designers overlooked such a useful feature.
  8. How do you turn off the dang radio and still have Android audio GoogleMap/Waze turn prompts? This is driving me crazy. When I'm driving someplace strange I need to pay attention to the nav directions.
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