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  1. Guys, I still haven't bought any chains/cables, but I'm looking at the Z-Chains. How's that for diggin' up an old thread?
  2. All I caught was a sunburn but had a great time. I haven't been fishing in 30 years so I'm pretty green at it. The pic was taken on the Owens River near Lone Pine, Ca. East side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. A little further North is Mammoth Mountain where the missus and I will be dragging our trailer this Summer to camp under some pine trees.
  3. I've got to say, I like seeing the 15's with the older model 5-spoke wheels. It's nice to know that I'm not alone. Nice looking trucks guys.
  4. This truck is my first ever brand new, off the lot vehicle. I already feel guilty for leveling & larger tire/wheels. It is covered bumper to bumper for 5 years, and I'll be paying on it till I drop, so maybe after 5 yrs I'll revisit the idea of a lift.
  5. I'm glad to hear the old AT has been replaced, I had them on my 07 and they were like fred flinstone tires.
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