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  1. Yes, you are correct, but the poster stated he already addressed the pinion angle and there is no mention of the front being addressed. So based on the provided information, with the added 1” squat in the rear, on top of the mentioned 2” of additional drop, when towing, the front caster is now more negative than what it was engineered and designed for. I am assuming the corrected pinion angle is adequate to return the pinion angle close to stock, 1” squat should not cause vibration as it should still be within the engineered specification of the joint. My money is on the poster leveling the vehicle when towing, at speeds, this will address the vibrations by returning the caster closer to the angle is was engineered to operate at.
  2. Get some airbags to level it out, also as mentioned, a weight distribution hitch will help with a trailer that has a heavy tongue weight. My experience is a slight vibration when towing heavy loads at speed is from the change in caster when the rear squats, I doubt it is from the rear pinion angle.
  3. I believe the suburban 2500 only had the 2wd-4wd-4lo t-cases, no awd option. 2013 was the last year for the 3/4 ton suburban, and GM never made a 3500 suburban best to my knowledge unless it was some special order GSA fleet option. To answer the OP, depends on what year your truck is and the transmission you have and how deep your pockets are. Assuming you have a 4L80E/6L80E you can use the AWD case from either a Silvarado SS or Escalade respectively, they should physically fit as in bolting up and having the correct front output. You will most likely have to modify your drive shafts if there is any variations in the output lengths on the cases, you may also need to swap slip yokes/u-joints/CV joints due to different sizes. You will have issues is the getting the Trans to communicate with the ECM due to differences in the stability program between standard selectable t cases and awd cases, but I think with programming, reflashing and an AWD switch, it can be over come. What I do not know is, if the VSS is compatible between the the various vehicles. Depending on years of components used and original platform they can from, some vehicles have the VSS in the tcase out put, some have them in the rear diff. In the end and this is just my opinion, you will be swapping to an arguably weaker t-case and will probably effect the towing/payload capacity. Your gas mileage will decrease in awd as opposed to 2wd. It is going to be pricey.
  4. Yes. I didn't write the programming code, just sharing what was the solution in my instance.
  5. I would lay dollars to donuts this, with the low mileage, is the steering input sensor at the base of the steering column. I had the same issue with my wife's '12 suburban but closer to 20K miles. The dealership replaced it free of charge and no questions asked back in '14. No issues since and we are now at 90K+. From what I was told, this is an issue with GM trucks and stabilitrak.
  6. See if someone local that has the blacked out bumpers and grill wants to swap to chrome?
  7. Bravo! Those bars are stupid. Dealers put too much emphasis on how things look and could care less about the needed functionality of the truck... and yes I understand that most people like gizmo's and doodads and that's what sells lots of vehicles. But if you are buying a 2500, it is because you need something with functionality for towing or working or something of the such.
  8. Assuming this is Massachusetts, It's WAY out of the norm. Mass is not a diesel friendly state, most of the time, a dealership will only have 1-2 diesels and dozens of gas trucks. Most likely a cost issue, as in the new 2019 trucks are getting on the lot and the old stock is sitting around, so dealers are dropping prices, but the premium for the diesel does not allow for such deep cuts as the gaser trucks, hence, they are moving off the lot slower.
  9. Wrong section but here is a quick trick to diagnose the issue. I assumed you unplugged the actual radio under the dash and wired it from there, if so from the back of the deck, touch a specific speaker wires to a 9 volt battery, example, green to the pos. terminal of the 9 volt battery and green/black to the neg. terminal. if you hear a small thud sound, the speaker is connected. If not, then the issue exists between the deck and the speakers. A 1992 should not have a factory amp so if no thud sound, the speaker wires may be 1. wired wrong or 2. not connecting to the speaker. make sure the radio is not muted or the issue is not the radio itself.
  10. Thanks, i see the amount of play between the bracket and the fire wall, I initially assumed it was just stupid thin imported Chinese steel. I also saw the paint stirrer trick on one of my searches. I'll give it a try to see if it repairs the issue. Not sure if is it build quality or desire to have a lighter weight vehicle to squeeze out every last inch of fuel economy but, in the 7 months and 3K miles I've had this truck, it has more squeaks and thudding sounds than my 98 GMC ever did in 20 years of owning that truck. Again, Thanks Guys. I'll report back for those who care.
  11. I'm going to necro the heck out of this old thread since it was the first and most relevant to pop up on my search. This I believe is the same exact sound that has been driving me banana's for the past week. Sounds kind of like the trigger sound from the old 70's/80's era AFX slotcar toys. Any better description of the solution? Trying to avoid a trip to the dealer if I can just to save my time. For what it is worth, my truck is a 18 with a whopping 2900 miles.
  12. Look aside as in they are horrible except from the side... What I have read about the new 6.6 gas engine is it will make around 400 horsepower and 450 pound-feet of torque in 2500 and 3500 truck configuration. BUT these platforms will be adopting current engine technologies including direct injection and cylinder deactivation. I'm not a big fan of the deactivation program GM has implemented in the past, I have little confidence in GM's ability to get the system right. That said, the new 6.6 is currently being tested in the medium duty Internationals (4500 and 5500) by Navistar.
  13. Perhaps, The show is not open to the general public and access is "supposed" to be for SEMA-member, aftermarket businesses only. IMHO, Auto manufacturers should be there peddling their accessory catalog and performance parts, not new vehicle sales.
  14. New cookie-cutter SUV is not a bad idea, calling it a blazer is stupid. This is just as bad as when chevrolet re-badged the S10 as just blazer and the blazer became the 2dr tahoe. If the blazer came back, it should be true to the original platform. 2dr short wheel base 4lo transfer case (fingers cross) solid front axle and removable top.
  15. Did a little more research and it appears Spiral Audio makes a plug, non-premium harness that doesn't cost $100, Spiral Audio WH-0040 should do the job, simply looking at the pictures, I see believe I see all the speaker wires, constant and ground. I assume the red is to add the ignition signal since I believe it is in another harness. I am going to purchase this and the metra reverse harness and see how many pins I need to add, if any.
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