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  1. It is there all the time. Even when nothing is plugged in and the radio is completely turned off.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I keep the truck on 2HI. I was flipping through the audio settings this morning and i found speed volume which was turned off... not quite sure what else it could be.
  3. Good Morning. Just purchased a CPO 2015 Silverado LT double cab 5.3 4x4 a few weeks back. I have been noticing a sound coming from the driver side speakers when accelerating. Its hard to describe what it sounds like, but its not there at idle or decelerating. Under a lot of throttle it is pretty loud. I have been researching the issue but can't find much info on the newer trucks. The best I can come up with is some sort of ground loop issue with the factory radio. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I do have the CPO warranty but I do not really want to take the truck in if it could be something simple.

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