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  1. Good Morning Looking to throw on a new set of tires before winter sets in. Currently running the 265/70R17 original set and they are scary. Wet traction is close to zero with few leaves on the road. I am going to keep the stock wheels for now and want to upgrade to a 285/70R17 tire. The truck has a 1.5 inch leveling kit on the front already. I am between a: BFGoodrich KO2 (C) rated, and the Bridgestone Revo 3 (P) rated. This is a daily driver doesn't get much offroad other than occasional dirt roads for fishing and firewood. The biggest difference between these two tires is the weight, at the 285 size the KO2 is 16lbs. heavier per corner. I like the look of the KO2 the best but I am afraid of absolutely destroying my fuel economy going with a bigger and much heavier tire. From what I have read most people lose between 1-3 mpg making this switch, which I would be ok with. Looking for some opinions. Thanks
  2. Good Morning. I want to buy a front air dam for my CPO 2015 silverado. I bought the truck without it and it looked fine until I leveled the front and now it seems like its missing something. I know a lot of people take them off. Let me know if anyone is looking to sell theirs. I'm in PA not sure if it would be worth shipping. Thanks
  3. It is there all the time. Even when nothing is plugged in and the radio is completely turned off.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I keep the truck on 2HI. I was flipping through the audio settings this morning and i found speed volume which was turned off... not quite sure what else it could be.
  5. Good Morning. Just purchased a CPO 2015 Silverado LT double cab 5.3 4x4 a few weeks back. I have been noticing a sound coming from the driver side speakers when accelerating. Its hard to describe what it sounds like, but its not there at idle or decelerating. Under a lot of throttle it is pretty loud. I have been researching the issue but can't find much info on the newer trucks. The best I can come up with is some sort of ground loop issue with the factory radio. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I do have the CPO warranty but I do not really want to take the truck in if it could be something simple.

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