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  1. So far I’m averaging around 19.1 mpg. It’s got 332 miles on it (33 at delivery) and I have a little over 1/4 tank left. I drive almost exclusively country roads at 45-50 mph and avoid routes with lots of stop signs (most intersections are 2-way stops around here). I am actually in 4 cyl mode a lot more than I’m not. So far, it’s been more fuel efficient than my SLT was but we will have to see what impact the level kit and 34s has on that.
  2. I just splurged on a 2018 Sierra Denali Ultimate with the 6.2L last week (previously had a 2014 SLT with 5.3L). I’m still on the first tank that the dealer put in it, which was 87 octane. I know because I asked them to confirm that they put 93 in it and he looked at me like I was an idiot. He then preceded to say that “it’s a recommendation, not a requirement”. I’m not pulling anything with it yet so it’s probably not a big deal for this first 400 miles or so; still, it rubs me the wrong way. I’ll just have to baby it. On a positive note, I’m sure it also had 87 in it during my test drive and I was still floored by the power difference between it and my 5.3 so I guess I still get to look forward to seeing it’s performance with the recommended fuel. I will admit that the $0.65 more a gallon is gonna hurt though.

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